Mack Prioleau – The Pros and Cons of Going To College

After a lengthy debate with my good friend Mack Prioleau last week on the virtues of going to college, I decided that the best way to weight up these pros and cons would be to write a piece on each of the benefits and disadvantages of going to college in the 21st Century. What has triggered debates like the one that my buddy and I had, is the notion that in the digital age, colleges/universities are dying out and can no longer serve our young men and women any more. What are your thoughts on this? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons. For additional program options visit


Let’s start off with the benefits which you can count on when you go to college.

  • Personal Growth

Going to college like mim colleges in usa is about far more than just studying materials, it is about growing as a person and learning how to be independent and how to make smart choices as an adult. College teaches you how to be financially astute, how to provide for yourself and how to manage your time, vital skills which many who do not go to college fail to learn.

  • Career Specific

Regardless of your view on college there are some careers which you simply cannot enter into unless you have a college education. If you wish to be a doctor or a lawyer for example then this kind of education is vital.

  • Amass Knowledge

Whether you feel that it is useful or not it is a fact that during your time at college you will indeed amass a huge amount of knowledge by learning in books or digitally with software from for digital documents. During your college years you won’t just learn facts but also how to formulate opinions, think critically and question the status quo. The knowledge which you learn in college is very difficult to find elsewhere.

The Cons

Now that we have dealt with some of the benefits of college, let’s have a look at the disadvantages of this type of education.


The major criticism which is often leveled at universities and colleges is that they are teaching outdated and unimportant knowledge which is not fit for purpose in the real world. Business would be a prime example of this with many business leaders suggesting that they do not teach young business minds any where near as well as they should.

  • Expensive

Another huge criticism of college education is the rising costs involved that see many students walk out of their education with a cap, a gown and a $100,000 debt that they have no way of paying for. This level of debt is shackling our young men and women and forcing many into a situation where they have to find a job that pays the bills, rather than one which will get the very best out of them.

These are just the high level details of course but based on these pros and cons what are your views on a college education? If you are interested to pursue it, you may consider Science related education or programs, you may click here to signup with Biology – UC Merced.

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