Michael Volitich – The Benefits of Stopping Drinking Alcohol

My buddy Michael Volitich and I set ourselves a challenge at the beginning of the year that we would each give up drinking alcohol for one month and undergo an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program for Men. After a heavy Christmas period it seemed to be the best thing to do for our health, yet things took quite a strange turn at the end of the month. The truth is that I didn’t miss alcohol as I though that I would, and I was enjoying the benefits. I therefore decided to challenge my buddy to a full year, something which we have almost completed. Given that Christmas is once again around the corner, this may be something which you start to consider and here are the benefits which you can count on.


White Sands Rehabilitation Center recorded this statement from one of their patient. He said, I was never a heavy drinker but the mornings now compared to the mornings after a couple of pints are very different. I never used to be someone that woke up with great energy or desire to attack the day, usually putting this down to age. Once I gave up drinking however I found that I was not only much more sprightly when I first woke up, but that I also had strong energy levels throughout the day. To get treated for addiction issues one can click here for help and join a program to overcome the problem.

Saving Money

In the past I used to go the pub 3 or 4 nights per week and although I would rarely get drunk during a visit to the pub, I would have drank at least 3 pints each time. Given that a pint here costs just over £3, that soon become around £30 per week, if not more, that I would spend on alcohol. Since giving up drinking I can count on at least an extra £120 in my bank each month, something that previously would have been frittered away.

No Hangover

Something which I certainly do not miss about drinking alcohol are the hangovers which I would often get afterwards. I have never understood the science behind a hangover and there would be some mornings that I would feel terrible even though I had not drank very much. These days are gone now and one of my favorite benefits of not drinking is knowing that I won’t have to wake up feeling bad again. Take a look at my review here for more information on rehab programs for you. Visit carraratreatment.com for information on luxury addiction treatment in Malibu. Their website provides details on a range of effective rehab programs.

Weight Loss

The greatest benefit of giving up alcohol is the weight loss that comes with it. Alcohol is very much empty calories so no matter whether you are drinking lager, wine or spirits, you are essentially just putting useless calories into your body. The most noticeable area for me has been my belly, something which has greatly reduced in size since stopping drinking alcohol. It isn’t just the alcohol abstinence that will help you to lose weight, but also the fact that you aren’t eating foods simply because you have had a drink. If I was on an eight out then there would always be pizzas, crisps and other naughty foods involved, all of which are now something I don’t have to worry about.

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