Mobility Aids for the Elderly for use in the Home

Home life can be quite tough for seniors with mobility issues, as these issues can make daily tasks harder and harder. While this is not a problem for the elderly in assisted living or senior living facilities like the Tiffany Court of Walnut Creek – assisted living community, those who still live at home may need help. Things we do every day, such as showering or even getting out of bed can be really difficult when we reach our senior years, so looking for items to help make things like this easier is a really good idea and provides a strong solution. If you are looking for senior living options visit sites such as

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We’ve taken a look at some of these mobility aids to help with everyday tasks around the home to hopefully help make life easier for you or an elderly loved one.

Mobility Aids for the Elderly for use in the Home 1

Walkers, sticks and canes

A must-have for when getting about the house becomes more tough, and when getting out of the house does, too. Walking sticks, canes and zimmer frames come in all shapes and sizes so there will definitely be the right option out there for you or your loved one. You might want to consider lift chairs as well, if mobility is impaired enough that getting out of your living room chair becomes difficult. They help if you need to keep your legs elevated as well. If you want to create a fashion statement with this accessory, did you know that you could even get diamante zimmer frames and crutches?!

Ramps for outside and inside the home

Getting in and out of the house can be difficult if there are stairs at your home’s exterior. Or even if you have steps inside your home in certain rooms, this can be tough, too. Therefore you or your loved one may really benefit from folding wheelchair ramps, even if it’s just a small one for one or two steps. They can make all the difference; especially if wheelchairs or mobility scooters are involved- read scooter reviews to get your hands on the best ones.

Grab rails for the bathroom

If things like getting in or out of the bath or onto and off the toilet are difficult, walk-in baths Columbus with hand rails you attach to the wall to grip onto can be a lifesaver. You can pick them up fairly cheaply and apply them to your walls really easily too, and you can add as many as you need to make life easier.

Stair lifts to make getting up and down the stairs easier

If your elderly loved one lives in a house with stairs that are proving to be too much for them, moving home doesn’t always have to be the only option when it comes to overcoming this obstacle. Stair lifts are a really useful way of getting up and down the stairs with minimal effort, and they’re becoming more and more affordable. You can learn more about stair lifts here.

Reaching aids for reaching up high and bending down

Bending down or reaching up high can be a really tough task, so reaching aids such as reaching poles can make all the difference to the life of a senior with mobility problems. If you are really concerned about the welfare of an elderly loved one at home, it may be an idea to look at getting them some professional help at home, from the likes of that provided by companies like Extra Care at Home, which may be a good option. If you want to put your elderly loved one in a community, you can click here now for some options.

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