Shows You How to Fix “The RPC Server is Unavailable” Error

Many who rely on using computers understand how frustrating it is to encounter How Dedicated Server Hosting Works and the errors with their operating system. It is a fact that errors will occur, and there is no fool-proof operating system out there. It is also most inconvenient when your computer is linked to a network, and you experience “The RPC is Unavailable” error. What is this error, and why is it commonly encountered when devices are linked together in one network?

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Definition of RPC

RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call. Computers normally process instructions or procedures using their own CPU. With Remote Procedure Calls, procedures are processed using other computers or devices linked to a specific network. RPC operates on a client-server model. Multiple clients or computers are connected to one server where data is retrieved. This is a common set-up in offices for example. If you need to print documents using a shared printer, your computer will use an RPC to communicate with your Roland Printers telling it which documents to print.

What causes an “RPC is Unavailable” Error?

  • The first thing to consider when you encounter this error is to check network connectivity. If the network connection is not established properly, the client computer will fail to send a procedural call to the server resulting in an error. If you experience connectivity problems, can fix it for you.

  • The connection between two client devices should also be enabled. If file sharing is disabled for any of the two devices trying to connect within the network, the connection will fail resulting in an error.

  • Possible issues with name resolution. The client computer sends a request to the server using an IP address and name. If the server is mapped to the wrong IP address, the client computer will connect to a different server also resulting in an error.

  • Firewalls can also sometimes block the traffic from reaching the server. Firewalls must be configured to allow incoming and outgoing connections within a shared network. You can also temporarily disable the firewall while the RPC is being configured.

  • Corrupted registry can also cause RPC errors. The right registry settings on your computer are important so that RPC is running smoothly at all times.

These suggestions allow you to troubleshoot an RPC error on your own. You can also get more detailed instructions online. There are step-by-step guides you can refer to if you are not confident about your tech skills. When you have checked all possible reasons for the error and not one of the tips help, don’t hesitate to seek the assistance of an expert. Don’t tinker with the system too much as you might do more harm than good.


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