Organic Food Sales in UK Continue to Grow

Not long ago, the idea of having organic produce delivered to your door might have seemed something of a fad, an option only for die-hard organic foodies. But it appears that independent organic food suppliers across the UK have helped grow sales of organic food produce to levels similar to those enjoyed pre-recession.

It’s no fad

2015 saw 4.9% growth in the sale of organic products, accounting for just under £2 billion, in the UK. Meanwhile, sales of non-organic food products actually fell by almost 1%. No doubt issues such as ‘horsemeat’ in big name supermarket chain products may have had something to do with the fall in sales, as customers begin to question just what exactly is in the food they eat.

In spite of its recent growth to almost pre-recession levels, organic food is still seen as something of a niche market, with healthy demand from two principal groups of people: older consumers and socially aware millenials, showing strong support for organically reared meat and poultry as well as other organic produce. Overall, organic food only accounts for 1.4% of the food and drink market within the UK, so there is still plenty of potential for further growth.

Independents drive organic growth

The rise in UK sales has been attributed to the rapid growth in the numbers of small independent organic food suppliers which have sprung up over recent years, gradually earning a growing share of the organic produce market.

Although supermarkets still account for around 70% of organic food sales, a 10% drop on ten years ago, independent organic food suppliers have benefited directly from the growing trend for local shopping and purchasing food online. Some of these suppliers have found success by efficiently managing their inventory, which includes perishable organic items, by utilizing walk-in coolers.

Changing dynamics in the organic food sector

However, it’s not all good news across the organic food production sector. Less land is now dedicated to organic farming in the UK than was the case back in 2013; around 5% less, which has been partly caused by the retirement from the sector of various livestock farmers following a drop in sales of organic meat.

The organic products driving the latest growth include products such as tea, jams, oils, as well as fruit and vegetables. And the industry is now being actively encouraged to explore export opportunities and wider markets for these products.

 Food as it should taste

The good news is that local independent organic food suppliers such as continue to provide a range of healthy, delicious and organically produced fare for the delight of their customers. Popular options include organically reared beef, lamb, chicken and a wide range of cheeses, condiments and other complementary offerings.

If you’re in the Hungerford area and want to taste food like it should taste – as it used to taste – then why not try some of the mouthwatering offerings from local independent organic suppliers such as

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