Paris Attractions Other Than Eiffel

Gastronomy: French gastronomy is recognized as the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Traditionally, each region in France has its own distinctive cuisine. Paris being the capital of France is one such city where almost all French delicacies are available. During a culinary tour in Paris, you’ll experience variety not only in food but also in dining ambience and style. There are a number of restaurants, bistros, brasseries, cafes and Salon de The to choose from. Each of the dining type has a distinctive significance in French gastronomical culture and is worth an experience at least once in lifetime.

Nightlife:  Sparkling nightlife in Paris attracts a large number of tourists seeking rejuvenating weekend experience. Whether you yearn to dine and drink in seclusion on cruise marveling at the city illuminated with the golden lights or you wish to have a sparkling night scene, an incredible night out is guaranteed.

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