Places to See While Renting New Hampshire Vacation Rentals

New Hampshire is one of those places that steer tourists and vacationers almost throughout the year. Nothing explains that better than the sheer number of vacation rental you can find in this part of the United States. At last count, there were more than 63,000 New Hampshire vacation rentals on record.

So what makes such a large vacation rental economy tick; the answer is surely the inflow of vacationers. But the key to their ever increasing numbers can be found in the valueNew Hampshireoffers to all its visitors. Below is a roundup of some of the best places you can visit by getting yourself into a vacation rental.

  • Mount Monadnock

The mountain’s name has Native American origins and it means ‘mountain that stands alone’. Monadnock rises up spectacularly from the flatlands ofNew Hampshireand has close to 50 miles of foot trails that are a trekker’s delight. The place offers amazing panoramic views of all the six states ofNew England. Monadnock also happens to be the second most climbed mountain in the world which supports a lot about its popularity.

  • Dartmouth College

Dartmouth’s standing in the American education society is steeped in history. It has given the country some of the finest students ever and counts on its more than 300 year old existence to churn out even more shining graduates.Dartmouthalso has distinction as one of the nine initial colonial colleges established before independence.

  • Moose Alley

Named this way because of the alarming regularity with which moose can be seen on either side of the road, this road is abounding with moose almost throughout the day. However, moose can be seen most often during dawn and dusk.

  • Maine Archives & Museum

If you intend to learn about the traditions, culture, philosophy and arts of the natives ofNew Hampshire, then theMainemuseum is your best bet. The intricacies of Native American life from the yesteryears have been preserved in a wonderful manner. The museum itself is situated on close to 100 acres of land and at the foot ofMountKearsarge, which was once considered a spiritual place for the Indians.

  • Conway Scenic Railroad

One of the most beautiful railroad lines in the whole ofUnited States, trains on the Conway Railroad are powered by diesel-electric locomotives that make their journey through the natural beauty ofNew Hampshire’s countryside. This railroad experience across the natural picturesque places not only freshens up your spirit but also insists for a second trip of the same.

  • Loon Mountain

LoonMountainis famous for being an elevated sanctuary for both human activities and wildlife as well. It also offers the perfect mix to all kinds of travelers. People can indulge in skiing and snowboarding here or they can go on scenic gondola rides. There is also the small matter of amazing glacial caves.

  • Fort at No. 4 Living History Museum

If you are looking for an authentic but ancient depiction ofNew Hampshirelife back in the days then you have got to visit this museum. The display ranks it as among the finest inAmericaand is famous for its attention to detailing. In addition to this, the staffs of the museum wears the full costume for a better re-enactment value ofAmerica’s founding.

These are some of the popular and must visit places if you are on a vacation toNew Hampshire. The experience you get can be even refined if you are able to find yourself a tour guide who not only can guide you places but enrich you with the culture and relevant history of specific places.

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