Post Event Marketing Automation Tips

Event marketing can be a great way to generate new leads and discover new customers and markets that may be interested in your product. 

And while the event itself can be a blast, the planning and follow-up of an event is filled with tedious tasks that need to be done if you expect to reap the benefits of event marketing. This is why automation is essential when putting on marketing events. Here are five tips to help you optimize your event marketing automation strategy. The text message marketing for small business strategy is a good idea as it is affordable and effective.

  • Incorporate A/B split testing into your automation strategy. This may seem like a no-brainer but it is simply so fundamental it’s worth repeating. You cannot automate out of a failing strategy; it is important to always be refining and strengthening your marketing content for maximum efficacy. Here is a quick primer on A/B split testing if you need a refresher.
  • Try different marketing automation software packages. Even if you are comfortable with your current automation software, seeing what else is available can be beneficial. You may find out a different package is better equipped for your current project or with a particular client. There are a wide assortment of marketing automation applications for you to try out and see which one is the best for you.
  • Coordinate with sales and customer service teams. Few things can kill a lead quicker than if the marketing department says one thing, sales says another and customer service says something else entirely. It is important to coordinate with sales and customer service in a number of different capacities, none more important than in the actual planning of the event. It can also be beneficial to harmonize your marketing automation software with any workflow or productivity applications used by the sales and customer service teams.
  • Use QR Codes to expedite attendee sign-in. The traditional paper-and-pen sign-in sheet may be conveniently low-tech, but there are few tasks more dauntingly tedious than transcribing hundreds of hand-written signatures on a tight schedule. Save yourself the eye-strain by letting attendees sign in by using a QR (quick-response) code linked to a web form. Not only will this save wear and tear on your eyeballs but it also speeds up sign-in and allows you to collect more data by asking more questions than you could fit on a standard piece of paper. You can also use QR codes to create interactive content at your event by placing codes around the event’s location that link to special deals, offers, and information about the product or service. QR codes can be used in a number of other creative ways to build a great marketing campaign.
  • Pre-write emails and other follow-up correspondence. This will let you contact attendees much faster after an event. It can also be beneficial to craft separate messages for attendees and non-attendees, which can turn those no-shows into possible leads. Pre-written emails allow you to have great content while also capitalizing on a quick response to attendees.

Events can be both a great time and a great way to generate quality leads. Unfortunately, event planning can be a thankless and time-consuming endeavor. These tips should help you breeze through the drudgery of setting up a marketing event so you can focus on the important things. Split testing, automation software, coordination with other teams, QR codes and pre-written emails can help you save a tremendous amount of time after an event. That extra time can then be used to cultivate the leads your business needs to survive and thrive.

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