Prolong the life of printer cartridges

The cost of ink toner cartridges is something that bothers the users of the printers. They are always looking at ways which can make the cost per print as low as possible. The only way to achieve this is by increasing the life span of your ink cartridge. The more an ink cartridge can print, more is the value you are getting out for the investment that you have made in the carbide. In some printers the cost of cartridge is more than the new printer. This just gives more reason for the users of such printers to carefully use their cartridges so as to increase their life span. A reputable election voting services company, for example, not only offers security and integrity of the ballots, but also the quality of their printed materials. They provide high-quality printed ballots by using well-maintained printers and cartridges.

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Tips to increase life of ink toner cartridges

  • Keep taking out prints from your printer at regular intervals. Not using the cartridge for a long period of time may result in the cartridge being clogged, which will make it difficult to take prints out of that cartridge again. Also, this clogging means wastage of ink in trying to print test pages.
  • If you know that the printer is not going to be used in the near future than, it is better to take out the cartridge and keep it in a safe place packed in a zip lock bag. This will preserve your cartridge from any physical damage and also prevent cartridge ink from drying.
  • Choose the best paper for digital printing. There are different types of papers available for different kinds of prints. Like it’s not prudent to print photos and documents in same type of paper. Printing photos on photo paper and documents on normal paper will also save ink and the print results also will be more satisfying.
  • Always preview the prints before taking out the pint. This way you can see if there are any mistakes that you have made in making the documents. Therefore, you can save many reprints which usually happen due to small errors while typing a document. Just a normal preview can bring those errors into your notice, before actually printing the document.
  • There are many print settings that you can use for printing of the documents. Always try to use the setting which consumes least amount of ink. This can be specially applied on text document prints as they require clarity in final result and glossy looks.
  • When having multiple cartridges in the printer, try to use all the cartridges from same company. Using original cartridges with refilled or compatible cartridges is not a good idea. Most of the refilled or compatible cartridges use cheap ink in them. Using such cartridges with original cartridge can spoil the performance and also reduce the life of cartridges.
  • If you use the printer after several days and find that it is not printing, then most probably the cartridge of the printer is clogged. In this case take a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and wipe the surface of the cartridge where you see ink clogging. This will increase the life of hat cartridge for few more prints. If it’s still not working, then you might need to hire experts in office printer equipment repair. If your printer is due for replacement, see this page for high-quality copiers and printers.


The tips shared above can be used for any inkjet printer to increase the life of its ink toner cartridges.

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