Reasons to Tell Your Staff About Employee Monitoring Software

Myriad of services and products are available that allows business owners and managers to monitor the activities of the employees. Keeping a watch over the activities of employers ensures better productivity at the workplace. Before you begin monitoring your employees it is the best practice to learn about its do’s and don’ts. It has to be done legally. Thus, it is required to inform the employees prior to supervising their activities.

What does an employee monitoring software do?

Employee monitoring software help managers in an organization to raise the productivity of the company. Do it properly to improve the overall performance quality of a corporate. It does by using various advanced technological tools like GPS system, activity tracker systems etc.

How should a business track the activity of employee?

According to inputs by Alexander Makhanev from, when asked about employee monitoring, the privacy of employees has to be very restricted in the corporate environment, with the exceptions in private areas like locker rooms and restrooms.

The right way to monitor the activity of the employee is to have a valid goal or reason. It should be related to the business. Sharing of any private, or personal information of the employee without the help of monitoring tools should not be done unless and until it is fully related to the business. Then a really good business tip that I saw recently is to use a virtual office for your business (I found a really cheap virtual office service for London so that’s even better as you then get a very impressive looking London postal address) as that gives you much more privacy and is brilliant if you are running the business from home

Reason of using computer monitoring tools

  • To not give an impression that they are being spied

Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics recommends the employers to effectively communicate the reasons of monitoring to the employees, in order to achieve the long-term business goals. Feedback and proactive brainstorming sessions will help in easing the minds of the employees, and they will not feel like they are being spied upon.

  • To increase work productivity

According to firms, by secretly tracking their computer screen and each and every keystroke entered by them, helps to figure out how productive is an employee for them. Constant supervision in this manner assists in checking if they are focused on the jobs or not.

  • Avoid negative repercussions

Monitoring the activity of employees at the workplace without informing them can result in negative situations. It can also lead to loss of employees from the firm. To prevent any harmful impact on the brand, being transparent is very essential for any firm. Mentioning the use of monitoring tool in the policy would help a lot in preventing all such detrimental situations to arise. Getting their approval before supervising their information and activities is a good idea.


It is unethical for a company to monitor the activities of the employees without seeking their consent. Failing to inform about the supervision can be detrimental to the morale and trust of the employee. It can even lead to building up resentment among employees. Thus, to save from these negative repercussions, it is very important for every organization to disclose to its employees about the use of monitoring tools. They should form a mutual understanding with them on why and how monitoring tools are used.

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