Reasons Why You Should Move Out During Building Work At Home

When my wife and I first bought our property, we knew we would eventually need to do a knockdown and rebuild melbourne. But we knew that once that was done, we would have our perfect home. And so, in the last 3 years, we have had 3 major pieces of renovation work done in the home, by the great team at Community Builders Tulsa. The first time that we had some work done, we decided to stay at home for the duration, something which turned out to be a mistake. Needless to say then, the following 2 pieces of work, we made sure that we moved out of the home whilst the work was being completed by the best building contractors dublin from Build Eco which can be found here. While moving out for a while does mean a great deal of upheaval, it is absolutely worthwhile, and here is why.

Speed and Cost

When there is nobody living in the home, the builders like the can get to work without worrying about leaving things lying, without having to ask someone if they need to turn the water, gas or electric off, and they can have much more of a free reign on what they do. On top of this, builders will end up working slightly longer hours, as they know that there will be nobody there on an evening. The upshot of this is that the job gets done quicker, which not only saves you time waiting, but also reduces the cost of the entire project.


Even if you have the greatest home builder and contractors in the world, who constantly clean and tidy up the area, there is always going to be some risks attached to living on a live construction site. There are all kinds of risks about, screws or tools left on the floor, live electrical wires exposed that only electrical contracting company electricians should be handling, dust particles flying through the air and hundreds of other all risks which could cause you damage if you stay in the home. Naturally this is made even riskier if you happen to have kids in the home, so the smartest option is to move to somewhere without such risks, and come back when the job is done. Check here more info about this.


The incessant noise is a real problem if you stay in the house, and it isn’t like you can ask them to turn it down. If you work for the duration of the day then you will perhaps not be as bothered by the noise, but if you do need to spend large periods of time at home during the day, you will start to lose your mind. There is constant noise when the contractors are doing a demolition, working with drills, cement mixers, drying machines, hammering, banging and just about every other noise that you could possibly think of, plus if they are doing any type of demolition you shouldn’t be in the area since it is very hazardous. The best bet is to not even bother trying to cope with the noise, but just leave the contractors to it, and take yourself to a calmer, and more peaceful environment. 

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