Reduce Your College Student’s Safety Risks With These Items

College campuses and towns often attract unwanted crime, even though they seem like a nice, safe area. You should prepare your student for safety and security risks by providing them tools they can use to protect themselves and their valuable possessions. Here is a list of items you should send to college to your student, which will increase their level of protection in their college dorm, apartment or house.

Emergency Whistle

One of the basic, tried-and-true security accessory is the emergency whistle. Your student can keep the whistle on their keys, so it’s accessible at a moment’s notice. The whistle can be blown when your student encounters a dangerous situation and has limited visibility to others in the vicinity. It is an especially useful tool if your college student works late at night in the library or at their on-campus job.

Security Camera

Theft protection is another safety and security risk you should take into consideration. Keep your kid’s possessions safe in their dorm room, apartment or house with a security camera. Get them a wire-free security camera that will keep their expensive learning tools and personal possessions under constant protection.

Emergency USB Charge

Your student likely relies heavily on their smartphone for both entertainment and communication. Their phone should always have a charge so they can use it in an emergency. Give your student a portable, compact phone charger they can use when they aren’t near an outlet. The Goal Zero Flip 10 Portable Charger is a durable charger that can withstand getting roughed up in your kid’s school bag.

Self Defense Classes

While self defense skills aren’t safety items, they are invaluable to have in a dangerous situation. Organize a way for your kid to take self defense classes, so they may ward off any unwanted physical interactions. According to this assault lawyer theses classes are especially useful to young women, who may become targets for predators that seek out opportunities to harm or assault women. If your student doesn’t have anything with them that could provide protection, defense moves could save their lives.

Personal Safety Device

A convenient item that your college student could always keep on them is a personal safety device. The Wearsafe Tag connects to an app on your smartphone. When your student wears the tag, it sends a message to their set of established contact numbers. As a parent, this can give you a sense of security and a way to make sure that your student is safe if they’re going out late at night. If your student feels threatened, they can press the alert safety button, which will notify their chosen contacts. The contacts can decide what kind of help your student may need, either calling emergency services or coming to their location.

Dorm Room Safe

Help your kid keep their valuables safe from the students who filter in and out of their dorm room. The Best College Dorm Safe V5 is a compact safe that is easy to store but large enough to hold your students’ laptops and other small valuables. It is made from steel, has a high-strength security cable for tethering and a UL-approved electronic combination lock. The safe will be an extra measure to make sure your student’s things are protected when they’re out of their room.

With the right tools, you can reduce the safety risks your student encounters at college. From wireless security cameras to self defense classes, there are many options to help them find safety strategies that will protect their well-being and give you peace of mind.

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