Secure Channels: The best security tips for new businesses

As we all know, cybersecurity is well and truly in the news right now. It’s something that’s capturing everyone’s attention, and it’s for good reason. Some of the biggest companies in the world have been hit with cyber-attacks, causing a huge breach of customer data and some bad publicity to go with it. Unfortunately, it’s actually taken breaches like this for it to be catapulted into the public news – before then, it was relatively unheard of.

One company that know all about the issue is Secure Channels. They have been at the forefront of some of the best new security technologies, and have plenty of experience to go with it. Today, we have spoken to them in a bid to find out what it takes to protect smaller businesses, or those companies who have just been formed.

As we all know, this is something that’s certainly not prioritized for a new business, but following the recent attacks this is an approach that should perhaps change. You need the help of a reliable data protection services company to ensure that data is securely backed up and recoverable.

Change the mindset regarding security

This is one of the biggest problems for the typical small business. Quite often, security just isn’t prioritized. Small companies don’t think that they own any valuable data, and this means that any concerns are immediately dispelled to the backburner. For your system security see more at Nettitude.

Suffice to say, this attitude just doesn’t cut it. If you have any customers, you already have valuable data. Just like you would lock the door when leaving your house on a morning, you should follow the same steps when it comes to implementing your security setup. With Google Cloud compliance tool you can be assured your data is secure.

Get the basics on track

Following on from the above, hopefully you have already started to think about some of the ways in which your company can improve its security. The best way you can start in this regard involves getting the basics right.

When we talk about basics, they really are very simple suggestions. It can be just keeping tabs on the passwords you are using, and not going for anything too obvious. You can also backup data, so if the worst case scenario does happen you have something to fall back on. Let’s not forget that as well as customers being at risk, your business will be significantly threatened as well if you suddenly lose all of the data that you have taken so long to accumulate.

Make sure all of your systems are updated

Your business probably uses several software systems and from time to time you might be met with a message which informs you that you need to perform an update. It’s at this point that most of us press the famous red ‘X’ button.

Well, let’s start changing this behavior. There’s usually a reason behind software updates, and it tends to revolve around security. They usually occur after a possible vulnerability has been detected, and the update can patch this up and make sure you’re not going to be affected.

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