SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Online marketing is an industry which sees rapid change, often at the drop of a new Google algorithm update. Alabama’s Own Smart Innovations knows that SEO is extremely competitive and as such is constantly evolving. New techniques, technologies and strategies are always being formed in order to beat out the competition at the top of SERPs. Keeping on top of this constant wave of change can be challenging, but also exciting.

With 2018 well and truly underway, it is obvious that is already shaping up to be an interesting year for SEO. Here are a few key things to keep an eye out for:

Video & Image Search

User interaction with the internet over time has become more and more visual. Which has lead to increased visual content on social media, websites and the rise of major video platforms like YouTube. Why not learn how to buy real youtube subscribers here? As such, the way that Google and search engines, in general, treat visual content will begin to change. Buy Real Youtube views as a part of your social media marketing strategy.

According to web design Edinburgh, better recognition of image elements and improving user interactions are among some of the major changes being developed at the moment. Which means the SEO world needs to be prepared for the imminent change on the horizon: more sophisticated search for visual assets. Once this comes into play, the search landscape could be a very different ballpark altogether.

Voice Search

The Google assistant and Amazon’s Alexa have truly taken flight in the consumer marketplace. Leading to many businesses asking the same question: how can we gain from voice search? With sales growing for these platforms this will become an even more pressing question throughout 2018.

Without visual cues, this is a question that many SEO experts are struggling to answer. How do you engage users without an image, a link or something along that nature? The answer will be found in 2018 and beyond, by who is still unclear. But, once it is found you can be sure that every agency will be quick to adopt it in order to meet the demands of this growing trend.

Beyond Google

That’s right, believe it or not, some experts are predicting that SEO will begin to expand beyond the Google scape. For example, sites such as Amazon, Yelp and even AI assistants like Siri are shaping up to be search platforms in their own right. Which means that being found by a greater percentage of users relies on optimising for these search platforms as well, not just Google.


Local SEO strategies have been dominating the space for a while now, according to the seo pros at Schure Consulting LLC; but this year will see this escalate even further. Or become more limited as the case may be. The difference between local and hyperlocal is quite simple: instead of targeting customers in the whole Manchester area, for example, a business will be targeting customers within a few streets radius.

With this growing trend, some SEO Manchester agencies have already begun to see great success in this method. Particularly as larger cities are particularly open to hyper-localised SEO targeting. Trying this out in a small village in Oxford could work, but probably not to the same extent as in a city.

As a whole, unless Google makes a huge algorithm change the SEO world should be fairly steady through 2018. However, these calm waters will pave the way for more innovation especially if using Victorious. Some of which could shake up the SEO game as we know it.

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