Should You be Concerned about EMFs? Your Top Questions Answered

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are all around us. The ordinary modern household has many different sources of electromagnetic fields, from your average microwave oven to your mobile phone, vacuum cleaner, electric razor, and a lot more. If you are experiencing physical and psychological symptoms which you can’t seem to explain, you may actually be overexposed to electromagnetic fields.

What are EMFs?

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are specific areas or fields of energy which surround devices that run on electricity. According to the World Health Organization, electric fields can be created through various differences when it comes to electrical voltage, and magnetic fields can be created when the current of electricity flows from one point to another. Electromagnetic fields can have an effect on the human body simply because we have our own biochemical and electrical responses which we use in our own nervous systems, our brain functioning, our digestion, and so on. If someone is exposed to EMFs, this can interact negatively with their body.

What are the sources of EMFs?

As mentioned, there are many sources of electromagnetic fields. Even our own homes can be laden with sources of EMFs, from mobile phones to electric switches. Some common sources of EMFs in the home include cordless telephones, vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, microwave ovens and refrigerators, televisions, irons, electrical lighting and switches (especially switches which are able to dim lighting), electric blankets, razors, and toothbrushes, and Wi-Fi routers and modems.

You can also be exposed to high levels of EMF in your office. Common sources of EMF in the office go to eGoldFax for fax and computing, fluorescent lights, photocopiers and scanners, and other electrical appliances.

Unfortunately, even outside your home you are not really safe from EMFs. Sources of EMF outside include power voltage lines, whether they are underground or overhead, substations for electricity, mobile phone towers, and more.

Symptoms associated with too much exposure to electromagnetic fields

Different people experience different symptoms related to overexposure to EMFs, but some of the most common symptoms include fatigue and insomnia. Other symptoms include a prickling sensation on the skin and even the eruption of rashes. Muscle aches and pains can also be attributed to overexposure to EMFs, and so can problems with the eyes. Some people also experience psychological disturbances, such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Women can also be affected by overexposure to EMFs, which can affect their fertility. If you’re concerned about the effects of EMFs on your fertility, see this here for some potential solutions.

What can you do?

The good news is that there are ways to combat and lessen your exposure to EMFs. You can make use of devices for shielding and EMF protection, such as jewellery the best protection necklace, which can sufficiently protect you and your loved ones from too much exposure to EMF. Of course, you can also reduce your use of electrical appliances – perhaps even do away with some altogether. These can all contribute to a much safer place for you and your family in more ways than one.

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