Simple and Easy Money-Saving Tips on Horse Care

Whilst we undoubtedly want to give our horses everything they need without worrying about the cost, the truth of the matter is we simply cannot afford to. Keeping a horse (or several) already takes up quite a bit of expense, especially if you are running your own stable, boarding house for horses or having a Horse arena construction services. So how can we save money whilst making sure that our horses are given everything they need for good health and proper care? Here, then, are a few simple and easy money-saving tips for horse owners and for those that are vying for Jobs for Vet Techs.

Cutting back on your horse feed

First things first: you should never attempt to save money when it comes to your horses’ hay. Hay is one of the most important foods you should give to your horses, and in this regard, always try to opt for the highest quality you can find. But one thing you can do to cut back on your hay expense is to buy your necessary supplies during the summer, when hay is the least costly. What you can also do is load your own supply of hay or enlist a delivery service to save more on costs. But always keep this in mind: buying hay in winter is sure to set you back even more.

If you think your horses are thriving well on hay, then you may also want to make cutbacks on the concentrates (grain mixes and the like). But if you believe that your horses will do better with grain mixes or concentrates, then try to make a bulk purchase of these concentrates since they will end up being less expensive than buying them by the bag. You can also choose a generic feed or concentrate produced by your local mill rather than opt for brand names. Of course, just make sure that the generic food you choose also has good quality and ingredients.

Cutting back on equipment

One way to save money when it comes to equipment is to avail an equestrian lifestyle subscription box instead of buying certain types of equipment, such as halters, saddles, riding boots, bridles, and blankets individually. Also, instead of replacing equipment right away, you can try to learn how to repair them first. For instance, some equipment can be sewn by hand.

In addition to repair and consignment, you can opt to clean your own blankets and rugs rather than have them professionally cleaned. You can even create DIY polish by mixing salt with vinegar or baking soda rather than relying on commercially-made polishes. Additionally, keep an eye out for sales and bargains for specific equipment. Rugs for winter, for instance, typically go on sale in the early spring, and clothing for shows often goes on sale during the autumn.

Cutting back on stable expenses

Your horses’ stable is certainly important, of course, but you can save some money on this as well. For instance, you can reduce your herd size. In addition, a less drastic measure would be to visit your local lumber mill for their shavings of softwood, which you can probably purchase in bulk.

Horse care

The proper care and health of your horse should be your utmost priority as well. Why? Because having to care for sick or unhealthy horses will cost you a lot more in the end. If your horses are well taken care of, then you can lessen your veterinary expenses, emergency expenses, and the like.

Whether you are on the lookout for Arabian horses for sale to add to your stable or are buying your very first horse, knowing these top money-saving tips can definitely help you in more ways than one.

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