Solutions for Truck and Car GPS Tracking

Technology is not just advancing more and more rapidly, it is also becoming increasingly small. As a result, GPS technology is now available for most people and businesses have benefited from it in particular. Logistics managers now use truck and car GPS tracking solutions in order to always know where their fleet is, and this has saved them thousands of dollars a year.

GPS tracking technology is also used by regular individuals, however. People hide a tracker and use it to keep track of their children or elderly relatives, for instance. These tracking devices are now incredibly affordable, even for smaller devices. Of course, the more features you want, the more it will cost you, that is why is important to read about electronic logging devices.

Car and Truck GPS Tracking Technology

Two main types of tech exist for GPS trackers. The first is the logger unit, which is also the older technology. Not only are these trackers less expensive to buy, there is also no requirement to sign up to an expensive subscription package. A logger is simply placed within the target vehicle and then taken back out. After that, you can attach to unit to a computer and the tracking information will then be downloaded, ready for viewing. These devices can be very tiny and discreet but it is not possible to get any information in real time.

The second type of tracking device is there real-time GPS tracker is by Forum Group. As it is a GPS tracker, they tell you exactly where the unit is at the exact time. This is the newest type of technology and, perhaps surprisingly, also slightly bigger than a logger. This is because they need to be fitted with a transmitter that allows them to upload their information continuously. Often, this is done through cell phone technology. A trucking fleet manager can link into this tracker and determine exactly where their fleet is whenever they want to know. They are also often used in delivery services, allowing customers to enter a tracking number and see exactly where their package is. Usually, tracking updates are implemented every 5 minutes, which means it is as close to real time as you can get. You do have to pay a monthly fee in order to use this service.

Real-time GPS devices to cost a little bit more than loggers although their price is coming down significantly. Usually, if you want a particularly small real-time tracker, then you can expect to pay a lot more as well. Check out different used cars with GPS devices at Indeed, the most expensive ones cost around $1,200 although you can have a very decent device for $300 or less. While expensive devices may seem like a waste of money, they tend to also be more dependable and reliable, which means you could get more out of your money. On the other hand, with technology developing so rapidly, there is always the chance that it will become completely obsolete within just a few months. This is why most businesses will choose the middle of the road option and go somewhere in between the most expensive and the cheapest one, have a look at the Full Article.

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