Some Top Ways to Make Your Wedding More Personal

Weddings have become quite ‘generic’ nowadays – there are the usual wedding gifts, wedding toast, wedding flowers, and so on. Almost all weddings follow a general rule. And whilst this is not so bad in itself, it’s still nice to make your wedding more personal than others. Check out these unique and exclusive wedding venues from that will give you your perfect wedding day. So how do you make your wedding more personalised? Let’s find out.


There are many ways in which you can make all the small details of your wedding more to your personality, liking, and preferences. For instance, you can provide guests with a special area for craft-making (if you love crafts) where they can make their own bow ties, brooches, or key-rings. On the other hand, you can also be more creative with your choice of wedding car. You don’t have to go for the traditional limousine – instead, you can opt for a vintage vehicle or a big SUV. You may even be able to save a bit of money this way if you have a friend or family member willing to lend their vehicle for the big event.


There is also another brilliant idea for your guest book – rather than have your guests sign a traditional wedding guest book, leave pens and cards at their place settings and write down a sentence on each card such as ‘Love is….’ ‘Tips for wedded bliss…’ and so on. Your guests can simply fill in the blanks and you can keep these later on as a memento.

Favours and décor

When it comes to wedding favours and decorations, you have a few options to make your wedding more personalised as well. For one, you can make your own wedding favours – this not only helps you save on expense, it’s also a great personal touch. Make delicious take-home jam, preserves, or even cookies, and place them in bottles or containers with personalized custom label printing. You can also opt for something as unique as donating to a charity. Instead of giving favours to your guests, you can donate the money you would have spent for this to your preferred charity, and the charity will usually send you cards or badges which you can then give to the guests, each stating that you have donated to the charity in place of a wedding favour.

Another option for a more personalised wedding is to replace floral centrepieces with fruit. Rather than flowers, decorate your tables with fruit centrepieces – brown paper bags filled to the brim with berries, baskets full of pears and apples, and more. Not only will they look delightful – your guests can take them home or eat them right there and then as well.

Your wedding venue can say a lot about how personalised your wedding is as well. Opt for a versatile venue which can accommodate smaller, more intimate gatherings, such as the Doncaster hotel, The Regent. Your dress also says a lot about you. When at a wedding dress shop, try to go with a more unique wedding dress that fits your personality and not with what is in style or trending. 



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