Steps Involved in the Right to Buy Scheme

The Right to Buy scheme has been popular in the UK since it was started in the 1980s during the leadership of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher. The goal was to make housing affordable for people. Those who are eligible to apply will get a discount upon application. The rates are also lower compared with other options. As long as you are already residing in the property and you have no intention of selling it in the next 5 years, you can avail of the scheme. You should also definitely get the best letting agents possible if you are letting property, so be sure to check as many reviews as you can. We were letting some property in Bristol recently so found who are easily the top-rated Bristol letting agents and they have done an incredible job, so just shows how well that can work.

There are steps involved in the application. You need to understand each step for your application to be approved.


The first step is to ask for the Right to Buy form from the Housing Department. The form must be filled out with accurate details. This will let you know if you are eligible to apply. If yes, you can check how much discount you will get. Once you are done, return the form to the department. It is best to get a receipt that the document was delivered to prove that you have submitted the completed form as required.

Within 4 weeks, you will receive a notice regarding your application. If you are denied, an explanation will be given. You can contest the results and ask for Redkite Solicitors’s help if you disagree with the decision.

On the other hand, if the Council has agreed that you have the Right to Buy, a surveyor will come over for a property valuation. You will be notified about it. You will also be told about how much you need to pay and the conditions of the sale. This will be available to you within 8 weeks after receiving the results of your application.

Appeal to the surveyor

If you feel like the full market value of the home is too high, you can ask for an independent valuation from the district surveyor. This will count in the end. Regardless, you still have a choice of whether to accept or withdraw from your original application. You can also visit to see more about well researched valuation reports.

Get legal advice

It also helps if you get legal advice at this point. A mortgage broker (view contact information) could also be of help. You will then know what else you need to do. If there are details that seem confusing, you can ask for clarification. 

In the end, the decision is still yours. A right to buy mortgage is an opportunity offered by the government. You can take the deal or not. If you think the terms are fair enough, sign the deal and pay the necessary fees. Otherwise, just cancel the application and proceed with the payment of your monthly rent.

The Right to Buy scheme is not for everyone, but it helps those who are eligible. A lot of people have in fact become property owners after accepting the deal. However, it’s essential for prospective buyers to remember that becoming a homeowner also means taking responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the property, such as hiring experts like Roofer West Roxbury.


A mortgage or home equity loan in which your interest rate and monthly payments may change periodically during the life of the loan, based on the fluctuation of an index.

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