The 5 Greatest Sci-Fi Characters of All Time

Science-fiction is almost as old as cinema itself. It’s been over a century since French film-maker George Mielies released A Trip To The Moon, the 18-minute silent movie that kick-started the entire sci-fi genre. In that time, we’ve seen hundreds of sci-fi blockbusters about everything from intergalactic civil wars (Star Wars) to genetically-engineered dinosaur theme parks (Jurassic World).

With such an expansive selection of sci-fi movies out there, picking the greatest sci-fi characters of all time is no mean feat. How do you even begin to compare Luke Skywalker to E.T., Wonder Woman to Chewbacca, or Spider-Man to Katniss Everdeen?

Luckily, we’ve called in the help of the experts from They know everything there is to know about the characters from cinema’s most popular sci-fi movies, having released Slots to tie in with Planet of the Apes, RoboCop, Superman, Jurassic World and more.

Check out bgo’s list of the top 5 greatest sci-fi heroes below. Be sure to let us know if your favourite characters made the cut.

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