The 5 Greatest Sci-Fi Characters of All Time

Science-fiction is almost as old as cinema itself. It’s been over a century since French film-maker George Mielies released A Trip To The Moon, the 18-minute silent movie that kick-started the entire sci-fi genre. In that time, we’ve seen hundreds of sci-fi blockbusters about everything from intergalactic civil wars (Star Wars) to genetically-engineered dinosaur theme parks (Jurassic World).

With such an expansive selection of sci-fi movies out there, picking the greatest sci-fi characters of all time is no mean feat. How do you even begin to compare Luke Skywalker to E.T., Wonder Woman to Chewbacca, or Spider-Man to Katniss Everdeen?

Luckily, we’ve called in the help of the experts from They know everything there is to know about the characters from cinema’s most popular sci-fi movies, having released Slots to tie in with Planet of the Apes, RoboCop, Superman, Jurassic World and more.

Check out bgo’s list of the top 5 greatest sci-fi heroes below. Be sure to let us know if your favourite characters made the cut. If you want to stay updated on the latest entertainment and pop culture news, you might want to visit sites like for the freshest scoop on your favorite fandom.

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