The Essential Benefits of a Serviced Apartment You Should Know about

Serviced apartments have changed the way we travel and for all good reasons. With a serviced luxury apartment, you can stay in comfortable, accessible, and beautiful accommodation that’s certainly a lot cheaper than staying in a cramped hotel. If you are travelling to a new place, whether it’s for business reasons or for a well-deserved holiday, it certainly pays to consider a serviced apartment. So, what makes serviced apartments so special? Here are the essential benefits of a serviced apartment you should know about.

The basics

If you’re not sure what a serviced apartment is and what you can get from it, here’s what you need to know: it’s essentially an apartment which is completely furnished, offering a great alternative to a hotel room. A luxury apartment rental gives you a more personalized service than a hotel, and it is also filled with the amenities you would expect from a hotel stay, such as free Wi-Fi, fresh towels and linen delivered straight to your door by a Linen Delivery Service and assistance, luxurious toiletries, 24-hour guest services, and a television. But unlike standard hotel rooms, serviced apartments can give you so much more – including a fully-functional kitchen and even a washer and dryer.

The essential benefits

  • A lot of space

If you are staying in one location for a long period, it definitely makes sense to stay in a serviced apartment, primarily for the space that you get. On the average, a serviced apartment is about 30% larger than a standard room in a hotel. You have a lot more space to move around since most serviced apartments will provide you with a separate area for dining and living.

  • More room flexibility

One other notable aspect of serviced apartments is that you have more room flexibility, which comes especially handy if you are travelling with a group or with family. There are options for rooms which branch off from one another, providing you with a central area and living space with your own bedroom for extra privacy. This gives you the chance to mingle with the group or your family without encroaching too much on each other’s space.

  • The chance to prepare your own meals

A definite advantage to serviced apartments – one which you cannot easily find in any hotel – is the chance to fix and prepare your own meals. If you are in a hotel, you often have no other choice but to order room service or dine in one of the hotel’s restaurants if you want a quick meal. But with a serviced apartment, you have a fully-equipped kitchen at your disposal; a kitchen where you can fix the food that you want. This not only lets you save money – it also works well if you have dietary restrictions or would like to try and cook local food ingredients.

Serviced apartments also give you the freedom to do your own washing since they usually come with washers and dryers, which results in expenses saved as well. Nowadays, it’s much easier to book a serviced apartment in most locations, which makes this alternative accommodation a much more feasible option for anyone.

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