The inspiring story of George S. Ammar

If you’re interested in discovering how it’s possible to go into business for yourself and to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, it’s well worth reading about George Ammar and his life story. As his empowering, uplifting life story should motivate you to achieve all of your goals and dreams.


The inspiring story of George Ammar:


1. George Ammar initially trained hard to reach his goal of becoming a certified accountant


Since he was a teenager, George Ammar was passionate about the idea of becoming a certified accountant. As he had an instant love of accountancy as was excited about being able to handle important accounts for large businesses and corporations as well as being able to help local individuals, handle and manage their finances.


So Ammar set himself a goal of earning his accountancy degree and becoming a certified account. So that he could live and work as an accountant in Cleveland, Ohio. Where Ammar dreamed of one day raising a family and putting down long-term roots.


2. Once George Ammar became a certified accountant, he started to dream of branching out and founding his own accountancy business


As resilience is extremely important to George Ammar, it should come as no surprise that he soon met his goal of becoming a certified accountant and becoming CPA registered. Which is an admirable feat, which takes great amounts of determination and hard work.


After a few years of establishing a name for himself as one of Cleveland, Ohio’s top-rated accountants, Ammar started to come up with a brand new dream of opening up his very own accountancy firm. A dream which Ammar eventually realized when he founded Ohio CFO LLC. Which quickly began to attract clients, thanks to Ammar’s reputation as being an exceptionally hard-working and talented accountant.


As his business started to grow from strength to strength and to feature in Ohio’s directory for reputable accountancy firms, Ammar began to hire accountants who he trusted had the same talent and work ethic as he did.


4. George Ammar becomes a role model for office workers who seek to improve their health and wellbeing


Not only has George Ammar achieved incredible success as a professional accountant but Ammar has also achieved a profound level of success in his personal life.


As an example, Ammar has made his health and fitness a huge priority in his life and spends as much of his free time as possible working out and spending time enjoying the great outdoors in Cleveland, Ohio. So it’s not unusual for Ammar’s clients to see him out running, cycling, hiking or swimming, when he’s not working at Ohio CFO LLC.


As well as working out on a regular basis, Ammar also makes sure to make healthy decisions when it comes to the food and drinks which he consumes. As he acknowledges that his diet also has a huge effect on his energy levels and on his general health and wellbeing.


Hopefully, after reading the inspiring story of George S. Ammar, you’re feeling more motivated to take control of your health and to dream big and take steps every day to reach your goals.


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