The Many Benefits of Overseas School Trips

Schools offer rare opportunities to have a study trip abroad. If presented with this opportunity, you should make the most of it. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from this experience. Those who have undergone overseas studierejser or study trips have learned a lot more than those who have not gone beyond the 4 walls of the classroom. If you are not yet convinced, here are some more reasons why you will benefit from it.

You will have language learning opportunities

If you travel to another country like Singapore, you don’t just practice another language, but in some cases, are forced to learn it at a primary school chinese. You might be around people who speak English, but when you immerse yourself with the other locals or nationalities who don’t speak English, it is a different story. It is a problem at first, but it is also a learning opportunity. Like for instance, you’ve been visiting other countries like Serbia or any other places that are speaking serbian language so you must learn the language little by little. This type of activity allows a more extensive chance to practice you should not miss. However, opportunities to learn other languages are just one click away from your fingertip. You can definitely enroll to a reliable and trusted online class academy similar to the serbian classes online to make you more equipped to a particular language.

Understanding other people’s cultures

It is easy to read information about other people and their culture in books. However, this information does not really have any significant meaning unless it is experienced for real. When you go out and see how other people live or interact with each other, it becomes more meaningful. You understand why they cook food a certain way. You also see why they practice certain traditions like dugnad, the Norwegian way of doing voluntary work and fundraising. You might have a lot of questions that are answered when you see and experience the practices first-hand.

You get the chance to meet new people

Some study trips abroad allow you to stay with a host family. They will serve as your family for the duration of the trip. It is a good thing as you get the chance to meet new friends and do things their way. You can share experiences with them and even form a long-lasting bond. You also try learning their ways and go out of your comfort zone – something that you need later in life.

You will be more motivated

Not everything in the class is exciting. You don’t feel excited when a teacher shows up with a new lecture that you barely understand. It is also not fun when you are asked to answer tests only. However, when you are told that you will go to another country to learn and have fun, this will make you feel more excited. You will have the gusto to research more about a country, find out more about their culture in advance or even practice a few words. This is something you won’t learn simply in the classroom.

Your worldview expands

Let’s face it. We all have biases and judgements against other people’s cultures. However, this changes when you actually become a part of that community that you are judging. You need to experience this activity, so you can see the other side of the coin and be more empathetic with others.

Just give it a try and you will benefit a lot from it.


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