The Most Extreme Golf Courses in the World

While many passionate golfers might dream of having a country club membership and stepping onto the greens of Augusta National, Royal County Down or St Andrews, they might be unfamiliar with the likes of Cape Kidnappers or Legend Golf Resort, despite them being some of the most challenging, dangerous courses you can find.

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Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Located 450 feet above the Pacific Ocean, Cape Kidnappers is the perfect destination for those who want to visit a truly extreme golf course. The unique venue is spread out over a rough stretch of North Island, which extends into the beautiful Hawke’s Bay.

If you manage to steer your eyes away from the jaw-dropping clifftop, you can enjoy tackling its many challenging bunkers and greens. Cape Kidnappers also isn’t just ideal for a round of golf, but you can also take a tour of a dozen vineyards, which are within driving distance of the clubhouse. They offer great amenities and service as they use a private club consulting company.

Legend Golf Resort, South Africa

You will require more than a long iron or PXG 0317 x Gen2 hybrids to tackle the 19th hole at Legend Golf Resort, as you will also need a helicopter to even make it to the tee. That is because it is located 1,300 feet on the top of a mountain in the African wilderness.

While the hole might be located on the green on the ground, it should not be underestimated, as it is a regulation par 3.

Merapi Golf Club, Indonesia

Merapi Golf Club has taken the sport to the extreme, as you can play a game in front of a large, active volcano. Only those brave enough will attempt to tackle its 18 holes, as you’ll be playing in the shadow of Mount Merapi.

When you are not worried about an eruption, you can breathe in the beautiful surroundings, as you’ll be eight-hundred meters above sea level.

Firestone Overseas Golf Club, Monrovia, Liberia

Firestone Overseas is a 9-hole golf course that’s built on the Firestone Rubber Plantation. However, as the upkeep of a course is incredibly expensive, it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the venues you’d find in North America.

You will, however, need to play in the “browns”, which are a combination of:

  • Oil
  • Sand
  • Iron ore

The challenging fairways are so tough that many golfers tend to treat them more like the roughs.

Uummannaq, Greenland

Uummannaq isn’t a standard golf course. In fact, it isn’t really golf course at all, as it’s more of a moving ice shelf that reforms and is then transformed into a space that resembles a golf course every year. It needs to be seen to be believed.

Located approximately 500 miles from the north pole, you will need to wrap up warm, as temperatures can drop to -50 degrees Celsius or -58 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, as the weather can be so arduous, you can only tackle the golf course during certain times in the year, if you are lucky.

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