The Real Dangers and Risks of Getting Your Hair Done

Most of us, except those who aren’t scared of cutting their own hair, visit the hair dressers on a regular basis. Many of us use the same one time and time again, while others will shop around looking for the newest talent on the block or the best deals. What we don’t realise is that a simple trip to the hair dressers could end up in disaster. There are many headlines such as ‘hair dye gone wrong’ or ‘allergic reaction to hair dye landed me in the hospital for a week’, but these stories are only skimming the surface of some of the horrors that have happened to people while getting a new hair style. It can be a nightmare for others to have been hospitalized due to the wrong hair treatment. To learn more about the proper way to dye your hair, click here and get more information. I

Calls for Extensions to be Banned

Some hairdressers are calling for all hair extensions to be banned, and they claim to have a good reason for this. Many people, both young and old, experiment with extensions, often visiting the hairdresser to have them done or attempting to do them in their own homes. The problems with extensions are extensive; they can lead to serious consequences and lead to permanent damage of hair. Scalps are also put at risk due to the application process and the weight of the extensions, especially when they get wet.

Hair Salon Stroke Risks

Back in 2004 a widower warned of the risks of visiting hair salons after his wife suffered a fatal stroke while having her hair washed, she was aged 51. Hair salon strokes are a risk to those with high blood pressure and this is known as Beauty Parlour Stroke Syndrome. The experts say that strokes are induced by the neck being overextended backwards, arteries are stretched and they can become torn. The bleeding can clot between the layers of tissue and may result in a stroke. More research is needed into the risks, but there are several cases that can be found in medical journals.

Damaged Hair

Hairdressing is not regulated and as a result there are no standards that are required to be met. Anyone can offer hair dressing services to anyone else, even if they don’t have any training or formal qualifications. When you visit the hairdresser you trust them not to cause any damage, in fact you’re there to help ensure you hair looks and feels as healthy as possible. Sadly mistakes can and are made, sometimes because of lack of experience or skill, other times because of negligence.

Common problems are allergic reactions to hair dyes, read more by visiting, which were caused because the hairdresser failed to perform a skin patch test before the treatment was given. Allergic reactions can be fatal and skin tests are required each time you go to have your hair dyed, unfortunately many hairdressers fail to perform this task. Other problems that can result in claims are mistakes that have been made due to the hairdresser failing to concentrate on the job.

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