The sure-fire ways to improve your workplace

Much like a man punching himself in the face to pay off his mortgage, cutting on your workplace costs to boost profits barely makes sense. Instead, a shoddy work environment will lead to demotivated employees, unimpressed visiting clients and a sharp downturn in profits.

Instead, the ideal business should take its workplace seriously. How can you improve it? And how can you use it to increase your profits?

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few top tips to take your office from rags to riches. Have a look and see your profits soar!

The hygiene brigade

Chances are your office is filthy – and you don’t even know it. Germs spread at bullet speed in some workplaces, leading to a ton of absences from under the weather employees – potentially costing your business thousands of pounds every year. You may hire a company that offers a commercial cleaning and janitorial service to ensure that your workplace is clean and safe for your employees.

But what’s the root cause of these germs? A poor washroom. Indeed – without effective commercial building cleaning services, your business will linger in the illness doldrums and lose profits.

Give your toilets a complete overhaul, making sure you stock the essentials from a reputable washroom cleaning company – antibacterial soap, toilet seat cleaners and a robust hand dryer. While most people don’t give much thought to toilets, the truth is that the quality of these fixtures can have a big impact on your work environment. With smart toilet seats everything is done automatically to minimize the physical contact required and thus reduce the spread of germs. A clean work environment breeds satisfaction and boosts employee morale. Office cleaning tips from a professional cleaning company in Miami should help you with all of your janitorial and cleaning needs.

The result of your effort? Fewer employees will be sick, costing you a lot less. If you visit you will find one of the most experienced office cleaning companies to help you with this.

A warm welcome

Have you ever wandered into an office and been treated like scum for the merest question to a receptionist? It’s not the most welcoming experience, is it?

Instead of stone-faced receptionists, make your entrance area as comfortable as possible. You can also make the front of your building more secure and aesthetically-pleasing at the same time by having Commercial Property Bulletproof Glass Installation as your walls.

Stock your waiting room with new and relevant magazines, pump in calming music and ensure your receptionist doesn’t treat visitors with contempt. If you’re feeling extra-generous, chuck in a few snacks and beverages for guests. First impressions count when you’re dealing with important clients – make yours as impressive as possible.

Drowning in culture

Most offices don’t really give a damn about cultural currency. They’ll plaster their workplaces with corporate art that only the lobotomised would find inspiring. It’s the type of art that motivational speakers probably see as superior to Gauguin or Van Gogh.

And that’s a shame. The use of high-quality art can inspire employees, impress clients and give your office a personality it would otherwise be sorely lacking.

That doesn’t mean you have to shell out on art that costs millions. Invest in a few pieces that you really love and that excitement will, hopefully, trickle down to your employees and clients.

Couple this dose of culture with a few plants and a well-laid out office (no clutter, please) and you’ll have a workplace that looks as cool as a cucumber – even when all hands are on deck!

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