The Top Four Questions You should Always Ask when Choosing an Airport Taxi Service

When you’re set to travel from or to an airport, things can get hectic – anyone with some experience in this field knows that, whilst exciting, travel can bring stress. Naturally, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. This is especially so when there is an important business meeting or when you’re travelling in a group. Often, hiring an airport taxi service is the best solution.

However, not all airport taxi services are the same, especially not when you’re dealing with different airport taxi services in different places, where traffic conditions, culture, and quality of service can vastly differ. So how do you decide which transport service fits you best? Here are the top four questions you should always ask when choosing an airport taxi service.

1. Can you accommodate all of us?

There are two reasons you should ask this. First of all, when travelling in a group, the service may have to employ several vehicles. Don’t forget that your luggage can also be a burden, so the vehicles must have the capacity to store this as well. Secondly, sometimes, airport taxi services pick up other customers along the way, so you have to be clear on whether it will be just your group or other travellers as well.

2. Do you offer group rates?

Often, airport taxi services offer group rates, but not always. It’s also possible that the service offers flexible rates, depending on whether they have to pick up other people along the way, or whether certain delays in pick-up and drop-off are deductable as compensation.

3. Do you offer all-round service?

Be clear about your destinations and be sure your airport taxi service actually travels to that area – this will largely depend on distance and on working area. It may also depend on whether there are public works going on in certain locations.

4. What if there are last-minute changes?

Business meetings have a tendency to start late; locations may change; trips may be extended; field trips may take more time than expected. Is your transportation service as flexible as you like them to be? And would there be any extra costs involved?

Another good question to ask an airport taxi service like is simply: “Why should we choose your company?” It may seem like a vague question, but that’s why the question is so powerful: it’s an open-ended question that will allow the prospective airport taxi service to give you its best sales-pitch. A good airport taxi service should be proud of what they offer and be ready to try to convince you. Usually, looking at their track record will give you a good idea of what they’re all about. You deserve to ask questions: it’s your safety and comfort that’s at stake.

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