These Tips Help Make Recycling Easier for Kids to Understand

People are lazy when it comes to recycling. They understand the benefits but they choose not to recycle anyway. They would rather continue with their old ways instead of recycling. At this time when we have already polluted the environment and damaged it severely, we no longer have an excuse for not recycling.

If children don’t see that the older people in the family value recycling, they won’t be convinced to also try it. They might also have excuses when they grow up about why they don’t recycle. For the sake of the future generation, we have to do something about this problem and promote better recycling solutions. It helps a lot if you start making kids see the value of recycling, visit website to learn about why is so important to teach kids to eat right.

Explain recycling at an early age

It helps if you make them realise that recycling has an impact on their surroundings. You can play games, watch instructional videos or do small exercises to help them understand recycling. Use concepts that are easy for them to grasp. Once they start understanding the purpose of recycling (including e waste recycling) at an early age, it will be easier for them to practice it as they grow older.

Make it easy to recycle

One way to do it is by placing the trash bins in plain sight. Don’t hide them in areas where kids can’t see. You can even create a trash bin version that is smaller to make it easier for the child to reach. The key places are bathrooms, under the sink and anywhere in the pantry.

Have a contest at home

Give family members their own trash bin to fill. If they have filled the bin, they get a reward. This might seem very shallow, but let’s not forget that we are making kids understand the impact of recycling. They operate on a reward or punishment basis. By giving them rewards for their actions, they are most likely to repeat the said actions. You can also allow them to sell recyclables to scrap metal merchants to earn a money as a reward.

Create artwork

Some materials that can be recycled are transformed into stunning pieces of art. Pillows, wall decor, paperweights and many others can be made entirely from waste products. If you can do some DIY projects at home using these materials, children will understand the value of the recyclable materials. They can even recreate or modify these artworks when they grow older.

Be patient

It is not easy teaching kids about recycling so you have to be patient. Just remember that it is even more difficult to make adults learn. Therefore, by starting early, you still have a better chance of instilling the value of recycling in kids.

Another way is to opt for companies that have recycling machinery. This equipment helps in separating recyclable from non-recyclable materials. You can take the waste items there and the machine will do the job for you. Show this process to the kids as well so they can see how recycling can be very easy.

There will come a time when landfills will be maxed out and now is the time to do something to prevent it from happening.


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