Think That Damp Basement Is Nothing To Worry About? Think Again

Having a basement in the home can be a gold mine for enterprising homeowners. A finished basement adds real-estate appeal, property value as well as practical real-life use; you can install everything from storage space to a den to an extra bedroom in your home if your basement is in good shape and well looked after. However, while most homeowners understand the advantages of a finished basement, many still do not think of them as being the foundation of their homes. They do not anticipate that a rainstorm or melting snow can cause water to seep into their homes through the basement if it is not properly waterproofed with a water powered sump pump, and that thousands of dollars’ worth of renovations can go down the drain with one single weather event. The only real way to prevent something like this from happening, if you yourself are a homeowner concerned about the safety of your basement, is to get your home inspected by professionals who know where to look for cracks or other issues with the foundation of your home.

Inspecting the basement is important, and having this inspection done by trained professionals is even more crucial. Water can seep in from anywhere into the basement if the foundation has an issue. Untreated water damage can overtime rot away the foundation walls and flooring. It can also rot away footing and electrical and plumbing systems in the basement. Water damage can move up into the home, creating molding in the framing, insulation, and drywall or sheetrock. The home’s flooring can sink into the basement’s ceiling and become unleveled. However, all of these things can also be prevented with a thorough inspection. It should be conducted by a certified basement specialist, like the ones at AquaTight Basements, who will have a significant amount of experience in basement construction. If you want to find out more about this, all you have to do is 
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There are two ways to stop or prevent water damage in your basement. One way is by hiring professionals to waterproof the basement from the outside. First, all cracks are filled with concrete sealer. Then the area around the foundation wall is excavated. After the excavation, a coat of glue-like waterproofing membrane is applied. Following this application is a waterproofing sheet. When the glue-like membrane has dried, the foundation wall is circumvented with a drainage system. The wall is then covered back up. Your second option is to waterproof the basement from the inside, which is done in a similar way. The only differences are that the drainage system is placed under the slab and waterproofing panels are placed on top of the footing to direct water to the drainage pipes.

Waterproofing your basement is the only way to protect your basement from being damaged. Finding a contractor that specializes in basement construction is important. They are better able to advise homeowners on what type of waterproofing is needed. This specialist knows what products work best with concrete and those that work best with center blocks. Based on the condition of the basement floor and walls, they can determine the amount of work that needs to be done; and what area of the basement needs attention. It is a basement specialist’s job to make both the basement and home safe. 


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