Three Amazing High Tech Hotels to Check Out

Three Amazing High Tech Hotels to Check Out

If you have an endless supply of money sitting in the bank and are currently rubbing your hands together just thinking about all of the amazing hotels you could check in to, hold fire. Sure, you might have your favourite hotels and sure you may have great recommendations from your friends, yet for a really amazing experience you will want a hotel which is as technology savvy as you can get.

Hotels around the world are always looking to improve that is why they are using the Vacation Club Software, including their in-room technology, from flat screen TV’s to lights that come on from a clap, yet here at Pillow Magazine we want to go one step further and showcase a few hotels which will quite literally wow you and make you completely re-imagine what hotels should be like.

Computers, docking stations, super fast internet access and self print solutions are just some of the trends which have graced the most technologically capable hotels in the world during 2012.

So, without further ado, let’s begin: Three Amazing High Tech Hotels to Check Out.

Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Chances are you have a laptop, smartphone, tablet or all three. If you have these, you will want an internet connection as standard in your hotel, right? Well at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, fiber optic 100Mbps internet access is hard wired in to every single room, meaning that no matter what, you can stream a wealth of entertainment or download a couple of HD movies super fast. Each room also features what the hotel calls a ‘media hub’, with Apple iPhone, iPod and iPhone charging docks which have inevitably been updated to the lighting port. This hotel is quite literally as modern as you can get!

Four Seasons Hotel, Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is home to many things, including the most valuable technology company in the world Apple, and to enjoy it to its fullest whilst on business the Four Seasons Hotel is a truly remarkable place to stay. With 100Mpbs fiber optic internet access in every single room, services to self-print boarding passes and a 5.6-inch monitor in each room monitoring activity outside your door, you will be able to see your guests coming before they do and then wow them with some super fast internet browsing afterwards. The Four Seasons tick practically every box in the technology department.

Epic Hotel, Miami, Florida

If there was ever a hotel named after what it really is, this would be it. The Epic Hotel is a great place to stay for the technology savvy out there,  just like, featuring a desktop PC in every room with Microsoft Office 2010 and an Apple gadget docking station to charge your iPod, iPhone or iPad. With self illuminating LED do not disturb signs, make up room signs and the lounge of the hotel boasting a touch screen computer, the Epic Hotel is a great place to stay on any business trip and will allow you to get plenty of work and conferencing done in luxurious surroundings.

This article was penned by Holly Powell. A bit of a hotel geek and premium traveler, I am currently writing for Fortuny (, an online luxury shop based in the UK.

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