Three Great Ideas to Celebrate a Birthday

If that special time of the year is approaching, it is important to organize how and where you will celebrate your birthday in advance, otherwise proceedings can be rushed in the build up to your special day. Whether you wish to do something big for your birthday or keep it low key, it should be a joyous occasion for all involved.

With your Birthday on the horizon you should consider whether it is down to you to organize the event, or whether someone else is or might be organizing a party on your behalf. If a surprise party is being organized you will be oblivious to what is being arranged, but if not then you should ensure that the person responsible for organizing the party knows exactly what you desire, and your preferences for a great time.

Once you have an idea of who’s organizing what (or potentially still being clueless if it is a surprise party), you reach the important decision of deciding how to celebrate the big day! With various ideas out there such as considering a bungalow event space rental for the party, this article will provide you with three fantastic ones for celebrating the big day.


For those who have never been paintballing before, this is a fantastic way of marking a special occasion, consider taking the best paintball markers with you to make it more fun. Not only does it get a number of people together, but it adds an element of competition. Battling against the opposing team, you will fire paint cartridges at your opponent, aiming to award yourself with points for each strike. There are many elements to consider, including tactics, avoiding being hit, and firing the cartridges with accuracy. Often you will also have to capture your opponent’s flag, making for an overall interesting and fun day out. Paintballing usually takes place at venues in outdoor woods, where you have a fantastic chance to spend time in the great outdoors and importantly get vital exercise, usually these venues also offer great equipment, such as spyder paintball guns.

Overall the experience is great for uniting people, having fun within the competitive spirit and enjoying a lovely day out providing it is nice weather. Paintball is great fun for the whole family, but is probably less appropriate for younger ones. Despite being quite expensive, it will likely set you back considerably less than hiring a hall, and so should be explored as an idea.

Hire a Cocktail Bar

This is a relatively new idea, but one which can see you and your friends have great fun. Certain venues offer an opportunity for free run of the bar, allowing you to make your own cocktails using alcohol they provide. Having no experience in making cocktails is not a problem, there are easy recipes at you can follow to make your own cocktails. Usually you can book slots of up to 1 hour, and during this time you can go wild making and drinking your very own cocktails! With an unlimited free bar for that period of time, this is a great way to celebrate your birthday and get as much alcohol in as possible! These can usually set you back up to £75, but based on how many of you there are and the length of time you stay, you can certainly make it worth your while. From here you can go on to various other destinations, continuing the night by visiting other bars and clubs. You’ll always remember though the time you made your own cocktails!

Visit a Nigh Club or and Ice Bar

You can choose within any of the night clubs to visit in Chicago 60601 and have a crazy night with all your pals. This is another relatively new craze, but is definitely a memorable experience.

Ice bars are located few and far between, but finding one which is close to you will see you have a time you’ll never forget.

Ice Bars are usually sculpted entirely of ice, and so upon entry you are given a coat to protect you and keep you warm. Being in a location which is entirely ice is mind boggling, and is especially enjoyable when combined with the fun of being out on your birthday. Again you will more than likely move on to somewhere else from here, meaning your night doesn’t have to be purely restricted to the one bar.

If you have the funds then why not hire a cocktail bar and visit an ice bar in the same night!

I hope you enjoyed this article and gained some inspiration on how to celebrate that big day.

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