Tips for Applying for Online Jobs

The internet has changed the way we do everything – including how we apply for jobs. These days you can search through hundreds of job postings online and send in your CV with the click of a button. If you are emigrating to New Zealand from the UK you will need to apply for jobs online because you will be half the world away. However, what should you know before applying for online jobs in New Zealand? Is the application process different than applying for other types of jobs? Are there any tips or techniques you can apply to increase your chances?

In order to help you have better success when applying for online jobs, here are some tips that you can keep in mind.

  • Make sure your resume is properly formatted. If you are using a strange font that the employer doesn’t have on their computer, it will look strange. Save the document as a PDF so that it will look the same no matter where it is viewed.
  • Check the job posting websites often. If you can spot a job right after it is posted you might be one of the first applicants – which makes you look really good and puts you first in the mind of the employers.
  • Have the details of your employment history handy. An online application system will usually ask for the same information, so you’ll need to know the job titles, starting and ending dates and other details for your previous employment.
  • Create an account on a few job websites. Many job boards will require users to create an account when they are applying for jobs, which can be helpful. You’ll often be notified when new jobs are posted that are relevant to your skills.
  • Take a look at the language the employer uses on the job application and then tailor your cover letter to reflect this. For example, if they mention “must be able to work independently” you can write about your experience working independently and your work ethic on your CV and in your cover letter.
  • It can be a great idea to create a website about yourself. This is where you can showcase your talents, present a portfolio of your recent projects and offer more information about yourself. It’s kind of like an online CV that can also include pictures, video and other media.
  • Make sure that you read the job application very carefully. Many recruiters will tell you that a major pet peeve is when they get sent applications sent from job seekers who haven’t read the job posting and don’t meet the requirements. Take an extra few moments to make sure you really understand the position and include all of the specific information they need to know. This official site will help you create the perfect resume.
  • If a company asks for a cover letter, write an original one that is tailored to the job posting.
  • Make sure to always spell check your responses! If a company finds an error in your application they will assume that you are careless and didn’t spend a lot of time preparing your application.
  • Whenever you are applying online, think about your social media presence and how it reflects on you. You might want to change your privacy settings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so that when the employer Googles your name they won’t find all of the photos of your drunken nights out with friends.
  • As well as using job websites, you can also find lots of job listings directly on the company website. If you know which company you are interested in working for, you can go directly to the website and apply for jobs online.
  • Make sure that your email address is professional. It should be something simple and boring like rather than
  • Before you hit send or submit on the online application, give it one more look over just to make sure that everything has been filled out and there are no errors. It never hurts to take one more look and once you have sent it you can’t get it back!

Last but not least, when you have sent an online application it never hurts to follow up. Simply send a polite email to check in and see if they received your job application and if they have any questions for you. 

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