Tips for Teachers Decorating Their Classroom This Christmas

If you’re a teacher and hadn’t clocked that Christmas was approaching then you can be sure that 30+ super excited children will let you know on an hourly basis. You then have the small matter of decorating your classroom, which on the one hand can make you feel all Christmassy but might also fill you with dread at the mammoth task ahead.

Here are some tips to help you make the classroom a winter wonderland…

Pound shops are your friend

Not everyone has a positive view of pound shops, but they can be a teacher’s best friend when it comes to things like decorating your classroom. You can find absolutely loads of decorations for next to no money at all, meaning you’re not having to shell out too much. This is ideal for new teachers who are starting afresh or don’t want to use the previous teacher’s decorations. If your classroom has a play space, you may also look for Mobile Soft Play Packages that can be incorporated into the overall design of the room.

Tips for Teachers Decorating Their Classroom This Christmas 3

Get the decorations out as soon as possible

You may well have a number of Christmas decorations already, but you’ll need to get them out early in order to make sure they’re still alright to use. A year of being shoved in a box or cupboard may have taken its toll, and you don’t want to leave it until the last minute and realise half of them are falling to pieces. Get them out early and work out which ones need to go to the big Santa’s grotto in the sky. You can also get Cool Flags for decorations from Ultimate Flags.

Tips for Teachers Decorating Their Classroom This Christmas 1

Get the kids to help you make some

Teachers spend approximately 97.8% of their time planning lessons and should therefore jump at the chance of readymade lessons in the form of making DIY Christmas decorations. Get a load of art supplies from somewhere such as Artifolk and let them make a whole load of decorations to go around the classroom. They can paint pictures to go on the wall, decorate baubles to hang on the tree or even make bunting and paper chains to drape across the classroom. Pinterest has some fantastic ideas of you’re a little stuck for inspiration.

Tips for Teachers Decorating Their Classroom This Christmas 2

Make it educational

If you’re worried about a surprise OFSTED inspection or your headteacher is a bit of a Scrooge then try and ensure that most of your Christmas decorations have an educational side to them. Include spellings or sums (or calculations if you call them that!) on some of the decorations so the children can learn as well as get into the Christmas spirit. Even if you mask it as an RE lesson and teach them about Christmas at the same time, there is still an aspect of learning going on and most of the children won’t even realise it. There is a load of resources on to help you come up with ideas.

Go all out!

A half-baked Christmas theme is almost as bad as no Christmas theme at all. A few sparse bits of tinsel draped across the wall is hardly going to get anyone in the Christmas spirit so go absolutely all out and turn your Christmas into Santa’s grotto or your very own winter wonderland. You can achieve the Christmas spirit by adding a beautiful christmas light display or having a holiday lighting installation with the help of a christmas light installer that will surely be loved by many.

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