Top 5 Sites That Film Lovers Should Know

The online world of film is a thriving community rife with new ways to watch and stream new releases and old classics with ease. In today’s day and age, with new technologies and apps coming out every day, it can be hard to keep up with the latest information regarding what TV apps to trust and what not to trust. This is why a good services like Fire TV and many other forms of IPTV providers and IPTV devices have become so sought-after among the industry. But why is Fire TV so popular? Check out for more info! There are also plenty of great sites out there that offer ease and convenience as well as excellent subscription services, providing a wide range of movies and TV shows for any self-respecting ‘film-buff’:



Netflix is the juggernaut, the service that all other services aspire to be and catch-up/surpass. For £5.99 a month,
Netflix provides a range of films and TV series, suited to each individual, with new releases and availability over multiple platforms. It’s well noted for not being as extensive as its US counterpart but there have been sufficient improvements as of late within its library which, alongside its smooth interface, means it leads a huge chunk of today’s streaming movies and TV market. With a TV bed from, you can enjoy watching the best films while lounging on your bed.

Amazon Prime


Formerly known as LoveFilm, Amazon Prime has the ability to seriously compete, utilising the vast library available to Amazon customers. Again, it’s £5.99 a month, available over a number of different platforms, from XBOX to Playstation, and it comes as a separate bundle within your original Amazon account. With Amazon planning its own series, it will also begin to offer exclusive content to its members as well as its titles. There are a number of packages to choose from, a feature left over from the LoveFilm days, so there is plenty of flexibility.

Now TV

Now TV features different subscriptions depending on whether or not you want movies, TV shows or a sports subscription. It gives viewers the opportunity to make use of the box-set deals offered through the standard
Sky Movies channels without having to order the actual TV deal. One of its plus-points is that it has the rights to certain titles a lot longer before some of the other services, justifying its slightly larger fee of £8.99 a month.



BlinkBox has a great library and is also renowned for being able to get some of the bigger titles earlier than the likes of Netflix. It’s a pay-per-view service meaning that there is no batch subscription and you watch each title and pay for that title. Prices range and some may wish to rent a movie for £0.99 as opposed to buying for a larger fee. It’s not ideal for those looking to binge but perfect for those seeking something one-off and specific.


KnowHow is a new site that has a service aligned with products from PC World and Dixon’s which includes Smart TVs and Blu-Rays. Again, there’s no subscription service so you pay for the movie or show you want to watch there and then and it’s stored into your digital locker forever. The technology involved means the image is incredibly clear (particularly if you’re making use of 
fibre optic broadband UK) despite its limited library and accessibility. The price isn’t awful either, though, again, it depends entirely on the customer.

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