Top Careers in Education: School Counselor

Aside from teachers and administrative positions, there are other job options you can explore if you’re interested in a career in education. Assuming the role of a counselor at school is a great option to look into, especially since this is the job that allows you to help students the most. A school counselor is required to have a set of qualities and skills, but these too are easy to master. Thanks to online counseling degrees from universities such as Wake Forest University, you can now prepare for a career as a counselor at school in as little as 12 to 18 months.

As a counselor, your job is to make sure students get along with each other very well. You will also be interacting with students and helping them with their problems.

Wake Forest Online Counseling Program

To find out more about this career, be sure to check out A Counselor’s Typical Day by Wake Forest University.

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