Top hiring industry segments in Bangalore

As of today, India is experiencing an unprecedented economic growth. Despite the fact that rural areas remain strictly agricultural ones, various industry segments are actively developing in the cities. Bangalore, in particular, is gradually becoming one of the leading, most rapidly developing, business centers in India. A huge variety of companies are looking for professional experts to fill in the vacancies, which is why job search in this city is not as challenging as it may seem. Right now, there are over 126 thousand new job openings in the area, so if you are looking for a job, your employment chances are very impressive.

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Employment opportunities in Bangalore vary by industry. The success of your job search will greatly depend on the overall development of your professional industry segment. That is why we have compiled a list of the most actively hiring industries in the region. The higher the demand on your professional skills is, the more chances you have to find a job quickly. So, here are some top hiring industrial segments in Bangalore:


Over 40 thousand new vacancies are available in the management sphere. A number of IT, construction, logistics, finance, sales and consulting companies are looking for experienced staff to manage their corporate divisions. Obviously, some experience in the particular industry is preferred.


Information technology in India is booming. Right now, there are over 30 thousand active vacancies for qualified IT professionals. Companies are not only looking for developers, but also for recruiters, team leaders, project managers, QAs, and consultants.


A wide range of construction engineers are getting hired every day. As of today, the updated list includes almost 30 thousand engineering positions. Construction companies are looking for mechanical, high rise, and pipe line engineers.


Over 27 thousand employment opportunities are waiting for creative designers. Most positions presuppose web design; however, the demand on interior designers is also impressive.

Sales, consulting, business development, finance, accounting, manufacturing, training, marketing, customer service, administrative, and education spheres each account for 10-15 thousand new openings. And, if your profession has not scored top points on the list, no need to feel frustrated. As it was already mentioned, Indian economy is growing at an astonishing speed, and more and more vacancies in a wide range of professional spheres appear on a daily basis. In other words, do not stop looking, feel free to explore additional options – and you will definitely succeed! Good luck!

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