Top holiday destinations for sports fans

Whatever sport you follow, combining a holiday with your favourite sport can be great fun. Whether you are a keen golfer or you love watching baseball, there are lots of great places that allow you to mix your love for sports with an awesome holiday. Here are some ideas for the kind of sporting holidays you could go on:

Surfing – There are some amazing surfing destinations all over the world, and arguably the best destination for surfing enthusiasts is the stunning country of Costa Rica. A favourite with surfers across the world, the amazing coastline on either side of Costa Rica makes a great base for any surfer. While you are in Costa Rica, you can enjoy some of the world’s most amazing scenery by walking through rainforests and enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Golfing – If you love to play golf, then there are some great places across the world to visit. You can book an all inclusive golf holiday with golfholidaysdirect. Scotland is renowned for its great quality courses, but if you prefer a destination with a warmer climate, you should head to Portugal or one of the many golfing resorts in Florida. Golf holidays are great fun and most tour operators will organise for you to stay at hotels where you can relax by the pool, play a round of golf, go for a great meal and drinks, all within proximity to the hotel grounds. You can also hire a sporting event shuttle in Detroit if you need to travel around in groups.

Cycling – Cyclists from all over the world head to Europe to experience some of the best cycling routes that the world has to offer. The famous Tour de France race provides inspiration to cyclists who want to try out the route for themselves. For some it might not sound like much of a holiday, but for cycling fanatics this is heaven. There are hotels and trip organizers that will arrange accommodation suitable for storing your Aventon bike, and if you want to cycle from place to place along your holiday, then there are companies that will transfer your luggage between your stops.

Soccer – Soccer, or football as they call it in the UK, is one world’s most viewed sports. Across Europe there are some world class teams to go and watch, all within fantastic stadiums. In Italy, the Milan teams play at the San Siro, and a Milan Derby is a great event. In Spain, watching Real Madrid against their top rivals Barcelona is a fantastic experience. Both cities are beautiful places to visit and a great holiday destination. The Premier League is also an exciting prospect. The title odds are looking in Chelsea’s favor this season, as they have commanded a big gap at the top of the table. Catching a Chelsea game against any of their top rivals would be highly entertaining, and London is also a wonderful city to visit on holiday, with plenty of diverse activities to choose from. I wish I could also visit Qatar to witness the upcoming Qatar World Cup.

There are many different places that you can combine your favourite sport with, which make for great holidays. Whichever destination you opt for, there is no doubt that you will have an awesome holiday this year.

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