Top Tips for Health and Safety in the Workplace

It’s essential for every office, factory and place of business to be fit for workers to come every day and go about their jobs safely and properly. It’s an employer’s responsibility to look after the health and welfare of their employees by regularly having thorough office cleaning and ensuring that employees are safe in the workplace, not to mention anyone else who might be affected by their business. If you run a business and employ staff, that means that you must protect your workers and others from anything potentially harmful, controlling any risks to health or injury that may arise. But what can you do to make sure your place of work is safe? Here are some top tips.

Control the Risk

Carry out a thorough risk assessment on your business, noting potential hazards and who may be at risk from them, as well as whether your current safety provisions are adequate. If you have more than five employees, your risk assessment must be recorded. When doing this you can also ensure that any machinery that your business uses is safe, and that articles and substances are stored and used safely. According to Onsite Injury Prevention Services, making your business premises safe is vital, too. Dura Composites provides different kinds of slip-resistant floor coverings. Their Dura grating will give your floor a fibreglass surface, enabling your workers to move without fear of falling.

Include Your Staff

First off, it’s important that you display a poster on health and safety law or provide your staff with a leaflet about your responsibilities and how they can be safe at work. Then you can appoint a first aider who can be the point of contact on your team should the worst ever happen. It can also be their legal responsibility to check and maintain the first aid equipment that you must provide. Fire drills are essential too, so that you can ensure your property can be evacuated quickly and your employees kept out of harm’s way in the event of any incident.

Employees’ Welfare

Above all it is important to prioritize the welfare of your employees, to have an idea about how to do it, check this article about the common causes of slip and fall accidents in Providence so you can avoid them and their consequences. Providing a comfortable working environment is essential, with basic standards like toilets, clean water, acceptable temperatures and sufficient working space vital to meet. That way you can make sure that you live up to your legal responsibility and perhaps just as crucially, keep your workforce happy, efficient, and turning up to work every day with smiles on their faces. In addition, considering the safety of employees in coastal or marina-based workplaces, it’s advisable to hire Marina Security services to ensure their well-being and peace of mind.

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