Travel Concerns Continue For Vegas

The US continues to be hit hard by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, despite this many businesses and services have remained open to help secure an economic recovery. The state of Nevada has been one to raise continued concerns however if you fancy going to a casino, you’ll be pleased to know that casinos have remained open in sin city, attracting increasing numbers of tourists each day they do.

There had been initial concerns at the start of June when casinos initially reopened with the safety measures put in place not seeming enough, although it had been announced that there would be separators at tables and hand washing stations alongside the requirements for employees to wear masks, sneeze shields or Reusable face shields as well as to always bring alcohol or hand sanitizer like this 72 pack 8 oz antibacterial hand sanitizer which you can easily store in your pocket. For those who don’t have alcohol a great way to keep your hands clean would be to wear examination gloves. These rules were not made for guests initially and early videos showed packed buildings with thousands of people, all close together with very few wearing masks. As expected, almost two weeks to the day following the reopening a breakout of cases had started to emerge in Vegas which had called for an immediate response – rules were changed and it had been made a requirement that guests would also need to wear a mask, although this didn’t seem to be heavily enforced as more footage had emerged of crowds of guests not wearing any protection.

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Another change was implemented that had been a little unexpected – as cases continued to rise a decision had been made to close all bars and pubs to slow the growth, but a surprise to many was that casinos would not follow the same mandate and would remain open for guests leading many to believe that guests would instead visit the casino bars and not really prevent many of that were being faced. Potential tourists are now being urged to take additional care if they are planning on visiting because of the ongoing pandemic – although international travel is still restricted for many however, so many are domestic visitors who may be coming from states that are experiencing their own lockdown and stay at home measures. In a recent press conference too it was outlined that there are many challenges around closing casinos that have made it more difficult which is why they have remained open, but as the death rate has increased the question of whether or not they should remain open is now being asked.

There are alternatives available for players however, as a surge of new players have found a home in mobile gambling – although there have been some measures put in place to limit the growth and reduce participation options for a number of players, more operators are registering elsewhere providing a growing number of Casinos Not on Gamstop to provide entertainment in a safer online environment – if you feel you have the playing bug, consider seeking out an online alternative. In the meantime many eyes will be on Vegas and the decisions made in the coming weeks, if cases continue to rise the choice may be taken out of their hands, with many hoping international travel will return soon you may have to reconsider your travel options if Vegas had been a plan for you.

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