Travel During Crisis – Can We Still Have A Summer Holiday?

The hotter months are rapidly approaching as Europe starts warming up leading into the summer months – but as the spread of the coronavirus continues, many had been concerned that they may not get the opportunity to venture out on their usual summer holiday and would instead be stuck indoors for the sunny months of the year. There has been some good news on this front, but it’s also important to remember that the global crisis is still far from over and for many there is a long way to go.

Italy, previously the hardest hit country in Europe, recently announced that they would be making preparations to allow a restart in international travel through sometime in June – this comes following the string of news stories over the past few months regarding a struggling economy and the businesses that may not survive through this, with aviation and tourism being amongst them – but a move toward reopening the harder hit countries could start a chain reaction amongst others to also look toward doing the same in an effort to get individual economies going again. Although not confirmed for tourism, within the UK airline operators have announced that as soon as they possibly can they would look to start flying at full capacity with some measures in place to protect passengers such as masks and temperature checks – this somewhat goes against what the government policy had been set out as, stating that there would need to be fourteen day quarantines and other measures for safety, but on the other hand it is still being spoken about which for many is a sign of progress compared to the past few months of it being a certainty that international travel was very much not possible. 

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There are still going to be a lot of disruptions for many, however, as some favourite attractions will remain closed. Globally beaches have been one favourite location a little in contention as many remain closed for the time being and look to remain the same for some time – with a lot of traffic and plenty of difficulty managing how people will behave in these spaces is a cause for concern for many. Similarly in other locations in which large groups of people come together whilst also using the same equipment may be difficult to – for many you’ll have to stick to your mobile betting sites and different casino not on gamstop through your mobile device if you had any prior plans of a summer holiday to somewhere like Vegas – there’s a lot of uncertainty around when they may reopen as it provides a logistical challenge itself – if there’s some measure in place to ensure all machinery can be cleaned as well as a reduced capacity like many other crowded areas are considering, this may change – but for now another of the popular tourist destinations may be off the map for some time to come, maybe even remaining unavailable until the new year rolls round.

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