Trekkin’ your way to better office space

Space – the final frontier. But you don’t need light years of travel or new planets to colonise. All you want is some extra space in your office.

Forget Shatner or Stewart – or any of the other captains that only committed Trekkies remember – and start thinking about the wonderful space-saving methods of the sets in the original show.

Those cardboard and polystyrene planets were tiny in reality, but savvy set designers could make them look as expansive as the vast, open plains of the Wild West. As Captain Kirk romanced his way through entire galaxies of alien women, you suspended your disbelief and actually believed he was trapped on some godforsaken planet.

Take a leaf from those set designers’ book – if your office is dinkier than a prison cell on the USS Enterprise, find the final frontier spirit and make some more space. If you’re planning to buy office furniture for your office, use PTI Office Furniture.

Hit the next level

If you’re working in a warehouse or a coworking office with a lot of room between you and the ceiling, the perfect solution to your space-constricted woes could be literally hanging over your head. Taking the right steps to maintain it for the long run such as having Warehouse Floor Epoxy Lining, or getting a mezzanine flooring installed

Mezzanine flooring, essentially an extra level to your building supported by a series of heavy, industrial steel girders, can give you an entire new floor to play with. Contact mezzanine floor specialists and, for a reasonable sum, you’ll finally be able to stretch out.

You may also invest in more industrial shelving materials and equipment to properly organize and stack your products.

According to commercial fitouts Perth, you can give your employees more room, stock more products or even create a VIP area for visiting clients by hiring the right Commercial Remodeling Contractors to work on your warehouse or office. If the renovation extends outside, you may need to hire a commercial metal roofing contractor to repair or replace the roof. Make sure that with all that space you hire a commercial janitorial services company to maintain it clean. If your employees are coming back to the office after the quarantine, regular COVID 19 Business Sanitization Services in the workplace will make them feel assured of their health and safety.

Head for the clouds

Joining the Cloud might sound like a particularly duff episode of Star Trek, but it’s actually the reality of computer technology today.

Basically it’s an online hard drive, allowing you to remotely store files, share them with your peers, back them up in a number of locations and edit them on the fly, anytime and anywhere.

With Cloud tech at your disposal, you can forget the idea of paper documents for the large majority of your documents, so those bulky, space-killing filing cabinets can be chucked on the scrapheap.

Naturally, it’s wise to keep paper copies of very important documents, but join the Cloud and you won’t have to put up with endless numbers of files.

Ditch those desktops

Back in the bad old days, desktops were the only reliable way to save documents and plough headlong into work without suffering a crashed system within 10 minutes.

But now you can chuck those bulking great base units and towering monitors and replace them with a dinky laptop or tablet.

Each new laptop will only set you back a couple of hundred quid – shell out and your employees will enjoy a lot more desk space.

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