Understanding IBM iSeries Disaster Recovery Solutions

IBM iSeries disaster recovery solutions is something that has been around for a very long time. However, as technology has evolved, so have the recovery solutions. Because it is so widespread, however, and most organization have their own proprietary or custom systems, these solutions go by very different names. It may be called DRaaS, warm start, cold start, on site, remote off site, back up, high availability, business continuity, business recover, data availability, and more. Although these are all different words, they point to the very same thing: making sure that, if a disaster happens, the downtime experienced by a business is as short as possible, with as little disruption as possible. This, in turn, ensures financial loss is kept to a minimum as well.

The Need for IBM iSeries Disaster Recovery Solutions

Businesses nowadays simply cannot function anymore without their IT systems in place. Some organizations rely on IT more than others, but no organization can still perform properly if their system goes down. How much they rely on systems will influence the recovery time objective of a business, however, as well as their recovery point objective. What this also means, therefore, is that before a business can decide which type of disaster recovery solution they need, they have to understand what their individual objectives are.

Usually, companies that offer disaster recovery solutions are experts in helping businesses determine what their recovery time objective and recovery point objective is, after which they can suggest the most appropriate solution. It is vital, however, that businesses see this solution not as a piece of software that operates somewhere in the background, but rather as a strategy that is as essential as any of their other strategies. This is why they must determine, as well, which parts of their IT system are the most crucial in terms of meeting the requirements of the business as a whole.

Naturally, one key element of this is which IBM iSeries and other forms of technology is used. They include:

  • System i
  • IBM Power i
  • As400
  • iSeries
  • Power p
  • OS400 & i5/OS
  • AIX
  • RS6000
  • Linux
  • Windows

It is vital that anyone looking for IBM iSeries data recovery solutions has a great understanding of what types of needs they actually have. Some, for instance, may require a data center to be recovered from cold. Others may require a ship to site solution. The possibilities are truly endless, which is why it is so important for a company to properly discuss their needs with a provider of services. One of the things they will also be able to look at is the likelihood of different types of disasters, which may all require different responses. For instance, if a natural disaster strikes, it may be impossible for employees to return to the workplace, in which case they may need temporary remote access to certain files or certain elements of the system as a whole. Clearly, having an understanding of a business’ own particular needs is equally important.

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