Unique Ways to announce you’re pregnant this Christmas

Christmas celebrations can provide you with the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to share the news of your pregnancy to your family for many a reason. First of all, your family won’t find it suspicious when you invite them all over which will help you to preserve the element of surprise using this purely digital group cards, just click here to learn how. You can insist that they all must come over for some mulled wine (but not for mummy to be) and some mince pies and they’ll be none the wiser. Secondly, those of your family who live far away may be down to visit, so you’ll be able to surprise them all your loved ones at once. It will be so much more memorable witnessing the look on every family member’s faces when they hear your exciting news than having to tell each of them over the phone.

Another reason why Christmas is so perfect for announcing your pregnancy is that you will be sending out Christmas cards to your friends, so when a personalised card comes through their letter boxes they won’t think anything of it… until they open it of course. Christmas is all about spending time with family, sharing and giving, so could there be a better time of year to announce it? Here are some ideas to help you reveal your and your loved ones most exciting news of your lives so far.

Unique Ways to announce you're pregnant this Christmas 3

How you decorate your Christmas tree
Instead of the average reds, greens, silver and gold decorations on the Christmas tree, use only pink or blue depending on the sex. You could also add baby items on the tree such as ‘dummies’, small toys like aurora stuffed toys and little baby shoes. Then once you’ve revealed your big news it’ll make more sense to them why you have a bright pink (if it’s a girl) decorations on your tree. This is if they haven’t already guessed! To keep it more of a secret until you break the news you could decorate the tree as you do usually, but add pink or blue lights. Once you’ve spilled the beans, you could turn on the lights to reveal the sex of your baby. When it comes to the safety of your baby after it is born you can get stylish and safe Baby Coats for their babies to keep them comfortable while travelling in cars.

Unique Ways to announce you're pregnant this Christmas 2

Christmas greeting cards
Not all the family will be able to make it (I’m sure they would change their plans if they knew the news you were revealing) and you need a way of sharing the news with friends and neighbors. Why not get a professional photo done of you, your partner and any other children you have with you holding your stomach, inside you could attach a copy of your baby ultrasound and sign it from you and your partner, any other children and ‘bump’. Photographers such as
venture photography know how to get the perfect picture of you during pregnancy so it saves you and your partner messing about with the camera.

Unique Ways to announce you're pregnant this Christmas 1

Why not bake some delicious biscuit or cookies in baby shapes that relate to a new born baby, it can be the gender symbol or anything relating to a baby. See if anyone will catch your drift when you serve your treats. Another idea is to buy cakes online Sydney. If you want to be subtle, you can ask them to make the outside of the cake look as normal as possible but color the inside blue or pink.

You may also want to look for vegan desserts? Check out some sites like https://dreenaburton.com/ that offer most favorite sweet potato cakes,  cookies, bars, brownies, and more! They’re so sweet and delicious, you can’t tell they’re vegan!. 

In order to achieve all of these, beforehand, you just wanna make sure you are really pregnant 100%, in order to obtain those you can see blood pregnancy test at Pregnancy Resource Center first before announcing!

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