Vip Amin, the story of a serial price comparison entrepreneur

Vip Amin has been busy since the sale of to E W Scripps back in 2006. At the time, he was a founding shareholder in the business and also a Finance Director, but he relinquished this role when the price comparison site was sold to the media company. As one of the founding members of, Vip Amin helped to shape price comparison websites and led the consumer revolution which followed the deregulation of the utilities sector.

For over five years now, Vip Amin has been the director of MyUtilityGenius Ltd and in 2017 he also got involved in the creation of Turkey’s first energy price comparison website, EnCazip Turkey, which seems to be following in the footsteps of, enabling Turkish householders to benefit from massive savings on utility bills.

The sale

When was sold in 2006, it achieved a record sales figure for a web-based business, amounting to nearly £210 million. was the first price comparison website, setting the standards and establishing a business model soon emulated by others. By the time uSwitch was sold, it had expanded from utility price comparisons into the arena of credit cards, insurance and telecommunication comparisons. Much of the uSwitch success was engineered by Vip Amin, along with the CEO Andrew Salmon and the business founder, Lord Milford Haven.

So, what’s Vip Amin been doing since leaving

Vip Amin is a true entrepreneur, he has been involved in a number of global ventures since the sale of Two of these are myUtilityGenius and EnCazip Turkey. EnCazip Turkey is an adaptation of the service which will hopefully save Turkish consumers an average of around 20% on energy bills. Vip Amin has invested into the business along with his former colleagues, Lord Milford Haven and Andrew Salmon.

EnCazip Turkey to launch Turkey’s first price comparison website

Hopefully, the launch of EnCazip Turkey will prove beneficial to consumers in two ways. Firstly, the new price comparison website will allow Turkish householders to find the best possible rates for utilities by using the price comparison tools. Secondly, as in the case of, it is likely that utility providers will become more competitive, launching a price war which should drive down prices for consumers.

Vip Amin and MyUtilityGenius Ltd

Vip Amin has also been strongly involved with MyUtilityGenius for several years now. His vast expertise as Finance Director of makes him a valuable partner for this energy price comparison website. MyUtilityGenius offers energy price comparisons on prices and tariffs for all the UK’s energy suppliers. It also provides a range of energy solutions for businesses, including the administration of all matters relating to energy and training, as well as workshops addressing issues in energy, energy costs, energy efficiency, compliance and regulation.

MyUtilityGenius and Vip Amin are working towards partnering with companies that offer In Home Display (IHD) technology, in an effort to help consumers monitor their energy consumption, saving more money. As Smart Meters and the like become more widely adopted in UK households, Vip Amin believes consumers will become more aware of opportunities for savings.

The My Intelligent Agent (Myia) service was launched just a year ago in the UK. Vip Amin and MyUtilityGenius are convinced that it will be the next major development to allow UK householders to make even more solid savings. Myia goes one step beyond IHDs, the service is a virtual household assistant that will scan the entire energy market to find the best available prices and plans.

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