Waiting for College Acceptance Letters

It’s the holidays season and everyone is relaxing and having a great time. You are too until that godawful thought creeps back into your mind…. college. Where did you get accepted? Did you get accepted? And where will you go after college preparatory school? For veterans or the ones in active duty military service who want to further their education, there are online colleges for military that they can enroll in.

The more you stress it the harder it is to enjoy your break. So here are five tips on staying calm during this waiting period.

#1. Get a Hobby

Seriously, go and distract yourself doing something constructive and that you like.

#2. Stop focusing on the Mailbox

I see you. Frantically running to your inbox, checking for your school’s letter. Ripping the letter open in a cannibalistic manner and scanning the sheet for one word: Congratulations! Well.. it’s time you gave that old obsession a rest and started relaxing. Calm Strips are a new innovation in sensory items and have wide appeal for kids and adults.

#3. Spend Time with Friends and Family

Remember that you’ll be leaving soon and these moments won’t last forever.

#4. Enjoy both the moment and your senior year

You only get to do this once!

#5 Don’t take it personal.

Even if you were rejected, you are still amazing. You will get in somewhere and that will probably be the right school for you. So breathe in and relax, you are going to be just fine.

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