Wanderlust’s Ultimate Picks: Cheaper, Fun Travel Destinations 2017

The year is shaping up to be an excellent period for budget travelers, and the major fun destinations across the globe are warming up ready to receive ardent vacationers. From the pre-historic Machu Picchu, the charming Caribbean beaches to the incredible Australia and the best of Bali, there is a lot to choose. If you are wondering if Puerta Vallarta is safe, think about delving away from the ordinary. Here’s the best of Wanderlust’s ultimate fun holiday spots of 2017.

1) Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Any typical summer in the US is an excellent period for all enthusiastic climbers, backpackers, kayakers, and trout anglers to tour this beloved ski town. With its big, dark skies, an expansive land to wander through, the Milky Way to peer into at night and the majestic Tetons at a distance, Jackson Hole is the place to be. Its hotel rooms and campsite reservations sell like hotcake, a testament to how many often visit. During winter, you can also take part in snow skiing, snowmobiling, and ice-skating spot.

2) The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

With millions of adventure-lovers from the US and abroad paying homage to the 277-mile long and 18-mile-wide canyon, maybe you should join in the fun too. It could be your best spot to tour if hiking in the wild, taking spectacular photos and meeting others is part of your DNA. It’s also a magical spot to host a wedding, camp, film an event, or any other fun outing. For unlimited fun and excitement, try to book your visit during summer and be sure to observe the laid-down rules. Just be sure to obey the traffic laws of the state while you’re traveling, if you get a ticket you may have to sign up for AZ Traffic School.

3) Las Vegas, Nevada

If you can skip the resort city’s infamous nightlife and the 24-hour casinos, there’s the Flamingo habitat, Bellagio’s fountains and conservatory and the outdoor movie spot at the Container Park. However, what you may find more fascinating in this fun travel destination is the Hoover Dam and the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for that much-needed respite.

4) Mazatlán, Mexico

Across the border is one of the most affordable fun destinations for an average holiday, otherwise called the shrimp capital of Mexico or foodie’s paradise. For those with an insatiable appetite for exotic Mexican, awesome eateries that serve fresh, exciting dishes await. And for those looking for a cheaper romantic getaway, Mazatlán is an excellent resort spot worth spending a honeymoon. Accommodation costs are unbelievably cheaper given the many, modern hotels with spacious rooms.

5) Cape Town, Jo’burg, Durban and Kruger National Park, South Africa

Make South Africa your best fun destination 2017. First, it is an incredibly cheaper destination with awesome hotels, especially Durban and Cape Town – the world’s best city. If watching the Big Five or whales from coastal beach restaurants is your dream, start hunting for an accommodation facility as well. To get more amazing deals, tour South Africa during summer.

6) San Juan, Puerto Rico

From April through mid-December, you have every reason to visit San Juan. There are a 500-year-old El Morro Fort and the pre-historic caves of Río Camuy Cave Park alongside sunbathing and surfing or snorkeling the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay. It is an incredible spot for nature lovers too, thanks to the nearby El Yunque National Rainforest. However, be warned that San Juan is unbelievably cheap as your preferred fun travel destination of 2017.

7) Visit Barcelona, Madrid, Majorca, Granada, and Seville in Spain

While Europe is on every travel aficionado’s bucket list, Spain is undoubtedly a spot worth starting with. Each region boasts of its own tradition, cuisine and maybe its language dialect all together. Moreover, setting foot at the renowned cities and towns, remote regions such as Galicia and Asturias or Extremadura and Castilla la Mancha have a lot to offer. It is worth admitting that Spain is a warm country with one of the planet’s ancient sites, lesser-known fun spots, and cycling aplenty.

8) Travel Chandigarh, India

Forget about the Taj Mahal and other unmatched tour places in India. We’re presenting Chandigarh as your best fun travel destination 2017 in India. Visit this fascinating blend of innovation and tradition with a classic status, enjoy the tasty Indian cuisines and book a room at the many, super-cheaper hotels.

Aside from all these awesome fun travel destinations 2017, do strive to visit Thailand’s Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Koh Phi-Phi for the rich Thai cuisines and mad fun. The Phi Phi Island Tour is something which every one must take up as it gives you a lifetime experience. As you travel through Asia, also tour Vietnam where modern, upscale accommodations, cheaper and insanely healthy foods, and beautiful sights await. Other destinations to visit include Portugal, Costa Rica and Ecuador, although such unknown spots like Palestine are equally welcoming. Want more options? Get your Dollywood tickets and have some fun!

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