West Coast Better Homes on How Schwarzenegger Helped California Go Solar

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known mainly for his fantastic action movies and comedies. However, he is also an environmental activist. During his time as governor of California, he worked together with various homes, windows, patio covers, and commercial roofing services throughout the state, encouraging them to go green. West Coast Better Homes was one of those companies. Indeed comma it is now quite common to see companies in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Malibu, Burbank, and other roofing companies across the west coast to include videos in their portfolio of how they now offer better services for the environment. For better roofing services, navigate to this website.

West Coast Better Homes and Other Companies Go Green

Under Schwarzenegger, the state of California approved 3.2 billion dollar plan to turn the state green. With California growing in population, the energy source is becoming limited, and every summer experiencing longer blackouts, it seemed that solar of power became the only alternative period but it was Schwarzenegger who truly made it mainstream. With reliable Solar batteries available in New Zealand it was made possible for all to get it.

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It was in 2006 that residents of California became encouraged to use solar roof systems through a rebate plan. This plan is called the California Solar Initiative and is backed by agencies like https://gosolarenergytexas.org/. Once successful, at least 6% of the state’s peak energy demands will be met by solar power. Practically, this means around 1 million homes in California will require solar panels. And it is now almost standard that new homes are fitted with them. Residents with solar panels will receive a rebate on their utilities bill of $2.80 per watt. Additionally, they will be able to access federal tax credits and other subsidies. Get a quote on solar roof systems from your local roofing contractor.

The solar plant brings clear economic benefits. Additionally, the state has excellent net metering laws in place. This means that solar panels can be tied into the electric grid, meaning that residents can sell any power they don’t use to the state utilities board. Usually, doing so means overall electricity bills are reduced by between 50% and 100%.

The impact of this initiative is huge. Naturally, it has a very good impacts on carbon emissions. Not just that, it makes individual residents in California wealthier as they no longer have to spend as much on their energy bills. When people have a greater disposable income, it means they are also more inclined to spend more, thereby supporting the local economy overall.

Schwarzenegger is no longer the governor of California. However, his Legacy will live on for many more generations. Were it not for him, California would probably not be the leading state in green energy in this country today. Additionally, it is likely that more people would still live in greater levels of poverty. After all, he has even created more jobs as someone has to manufacture and install the solar panels. Something as seemingly simple as solar panels therefore comma has an impact that goes way beyond the environmental benefits only. Thankfully, more people are now aware of this and are considering solar panel installation from companies like Firefly Energy LLC (you can learn more about our services here).

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