Westside Family Church Lenaxa KS: Great Reasons to Go to Church

The Christian church offers many amazing benefits to people who seek answers in this life. Questions about why we are here and where we are going after we leave the Earth have haunted man throughout his time on Earth. Man has also been confronted with not fully understanding or being able to control his environment.

According to this resource, this has led him to do all he can to control his environment and look for answers for the unknown. The most common place man has turned is to a supernatural being that has created and influenced the world and man. The most prominent of these has been Jesus who is worshipped around the world as the Son of God. The house of worship for Christians is the church and it offers many benefits for Christians worldwide. Take time to visit your church, to ask for intercession through prayer on the Sabbath, and ask yourself how did God “rest”.


One of the best reasons to attend Gold Coast Church is to be a part of a community that is faith-based. When people gather and a church Community they do so under the heading of Christian values. This means that there is a focus on good ethics and morals and people are held to a high standard about how they behave and treat one another.

In a world that’s so crazy now and we’re so many things are inconsistent and unable to be made consistent, a Community like the one at Westside Family Church Lenexa KS can be a steady and guiding refuge for any and all. People utilize this community to help them through tough times, and get there bearings as they guide themselves and their families through this difficult life.


The church offers a chance for worshipping God. The church grew out of a group of like-minded believers who wanted a place where they could pay homage to the Creator and gather there throughout the week to praise and glorify him. Worshipping is a core element of man’s existence. Since the beginning of man on this Earth, humans have looked to worship something greater than themselves. Nowadays, there are online church services that people can attend while at home. Those who are interested in becoming priests can also now register in the AWKNG School of Theology and complete four years of Theology studies.

It allows them to understand the universe, to set up societies based on good principles, and travel place to which they can turn for answers regarding life and spiritual questions. Christianity offers a very clear and consistent set of values for more than a billion people around the world. It gives them hope, inspiration, and a feeling of camaraderie, all built around the worship of Jesus Christ. 

Meeting New People

The church has become a great place to meet high-quality people. Because Christians have the same set of beliefs, a lot of the core questions about compatibility have been answered if you need someone going to your church.

Some of the best relationships start in the church including business, friendships, and relationships that lead to marriage. Throughout the relationships, the church plays a central role acting as a foundation and the gathering place for its members.

For more than 2,000 years the church has brought great comfort and security for Christians and it continues to be a vital part of their lives.

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