What Factors should You Remember when Choosing a Security Service? An All-Important Guide

There are many advantages to retaining the services of a security guard services company. Often, the fact that a security guard is present is enough to deter crime. But security officers are men who do much more than merely be present. In fact, professional security guards as well as unarmed security guards are men who have received special training and understand that their job is essential to the protection of property and people. Professional security guard services know how to act in case of incident or emergency, compose detailed reports, advise owners, landlords and managers, and assist visitors and staff in any way they can. But how does one choose a good security service? Here are some factors you should remember when choosing a security service: an all-important guide.

Cheap is not always effective

As a general rule – in every walk of life – you may find a bargain – but more often than not, cheap means low quality. This is especially true for a security service. A security service that offers cheap rates usually pays its employees very low wages, and that means the guards often lack the proper training, skills, or experience to provide quality work. There are always exceptions, but cheap may mean ineffective.

Check for the proper licences

In the UK, all individual firms and security services such as Oxford security experts Securipol.net are required to have their security personnel certified with an SIA licence. It’s mandatory – prescribed by law – so always make sure to see the accreditation and never accept a guard without it. The SIA accreditation ensures that security personnel have undergone a minimum amount of training and operate at a standard level of quality.

Communication is key

As with all services, it’s important that you can communicate well and freely with partners in security. You should be able to make your demands, and they should be able to make their suggestions; you should be able to form a flexible working relationship.

References are important

Never be afraid to ask for references – a service that is proud of its personnel and its record will actually volunteer them. We work with a Security Guard Company Calgary for our business and we are so satisfied with their service.

Renewal options

Be clear about your renewal options. At the end of a certain term, you should be able to freely look around for other options and only then re-negotiate a longer term.

Choosing the right armed security service is crucial to the safety of your property or business – choosing the right one ensures that which needs protection remains safe, whilst choosing the wrong one is at best useless, and in the worst case scenario even detrimental. There are too many security officers who are not qualified or motivated, so going through a strict screening process is essential. Having said that, however, once you hire a qualified security service, you’re able to sleep much better at night knowing the needs of your property or business are taken care of.

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