What Roadside Barriers do you need

If you are doing roadside construction, roadside barriers are absolutely essential. Good barriers provide safety to motorists and workers.

Using the right barrier for the right job ensures that you have solid construction to stop vehicles where you need to. Bright movable barriers direct traffic where high-speed impact is less likely or dangerous. The rubber store holds stock of traffic cones and speed ramps for a better view range when driving. Here is this resource from SMC Demolition that can help with the demolition before construction.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the best roadside barriers for your needs.

Do You Need to Redirect or Contain?

Barriers that redirect help traffic and pedestrians see and move away from hazardous sites. Containment barriers are designed to reduce the damage if a vehicle strikes it while keeping vehicles from driving into places where workers are present. With the right Metal fabrication the space can be made safer and long-lasting.

Redirection Barriers

These are lightweight but solid barriers that can be placed as needed to direct traffic. They are designed to reduce the impact if they are hit by a vehicle.

If you need to completely redirect traffic away from a construction area for a time, these barriers are essential for you. Plastic longitudinal channeling barriers are a vastly superior option to temporary concrete barriers because they are lighter and do less damage to vehicles upon impact.

In situations where traffic is very slow or you are only concerned about pedestrian traffic, plastic traffic cones may also be used. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that plastic cones are meaningful protection against vehicular traffic. Even if many traffic cones are used and there is a very clear barrier, a driver who’s not paying attention may easily crash through them.

Containment Barriers

These temporary barricades are designed to stop a vehicle in its tracks upon impact. They are essential to protect construction crews working in areas where being struck by a vehicle is most likely.

Because impact will likely be very dangerous for the motorist and vehicle, they are only to be used when your crew absolutely needs the protection. These barriers generally are made of concrete, metal, or another material that can stand up to impact. For those areas that require metal barriers, contacting well-known metal fabricators that can offer the best metal fabrication services is essential in order to ensure durability.

Barricade Fence Panels

These panels are not themselves designed to stop a vehicle, but they can rest on top of panels that are designed to stop vehicles and stop debris from entering a work site. Being hit by flying debris can be very dangerous for construction crews, so a barricade fence panel that allows airflow and visibility but stops debris from the road can be an important element for safety.

Choose the Best Roadside Barrier for Your Job

Whatever kind of construction you’re in, whether you manage a large crew or do work largely by yourself, having the right roadside barriers can make the difference between a job well done and a dangerous situation. Working along a road, whether a highway, a fast urban road, or a slower residential road, all pose significant risks to workers.

Even a well-placed traffic cone can make the difference. When working near fast traffic, a barrier that can stop a vehicle could save your life or the lives of your workers.

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